YouTube Capture: Post a Video in 10 Minutes or Less

YouTube Capture for Apple devices is a must-have app for anyone who creates and shares video on YouTube. Training Specialist Andrew Fogliato offers these ideas for quickly and easily creating, editing and posting videos with the app.

1. Shoot your video – Make sure your device is in landscape (horizontal) position and not portrait (vertical). Vertical videos look bad on YouTube, and in general, and the app will remind you of this. With regard to your camera, either front or rear camera is fine. To record, you’ll just tap on the big red button to start recording, and then tap it again to stop recording.

2. Stay steady – Stabilization software is built in to YouTube Capture, but it’s still important to try and keep the camera as steady as possible because the software can only do so much without ruining the quality of the video.

3. Edit your video – Once you have shot the video, you can use the white sliders at the bottom of the screen to adjust those to eliminate the beginning or end of a clip. When you’re done, click on the “+” in the bottom right. From here, you’re able to choose whether or not to record a new clip to add to that one, or you can choose a clip that already exists within your device and add it to the video you just edited. You can repeat this process as needed to get the desired video.

4. Add music – When you’re done editing, you can select “Add Music.” You’ll have two options: (a) you can select music from your device or (b) choose from YouTube soundtracks. Keep in mind that posting copyrighted music is a legal risk, so it might be safest to use the YouTube soundtracks in your video.

5. Upload the video – With your video edited and set to music, you’re ready to upload. For starters, give it a descriptive title. Do not just call it “My New Listing” or something along those lines. You need to think about how it will be found on Google. So if it’s a new listing video, you can consider putting up “123 Mainstreet, Indianapolis Home for Sale” instead of “My New Listing.”

6. Be descriptive – When you’re adding in the description of the video, be as specific as possible. Include keywords consumers would enter to search for your video. Also include a link to your website for more information.

7.  Share your video – You have three basic options for sharing: public (anyone can view it), unlisted (only people who have the link can view it) or private (only you can see it). Private setting is a good option, for instance, if you have a listing that’s sold and all you want to do is hide the listing video. You can also share the video directly to Google+, Facebook and Twitter.

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