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Facebook RE/MAX page

March 2016

It’s a basic law of science: Energy can never be destroyed. So what happens to the incredible momentum of ideas, new relationships and excitement generated by R4 – and by so many other great RE/MAX newsmakers from around the network? It can all be funneled into the new We Are RE/MAX Facebook page at

It’s a new social hub where RE/MAX Affiliates can find or contribute brand-building content that’s instantly sharable through their social channels. Like it now!

The new We Are RE/MAX Facebook page was unveiled by Chief Operating Officer Adam Contos during the R4 Opening General Session on Monday night.

“It’s where agents and brokers can rebroadcast all of the new marketing pieces very quickly and effortlessly,” Contos said on stage.

Attendees were excited to see it. The new page gained hundreds of followers within minutes of Contos’ announcement.

We Are RE/MAX complements the existing RE/MAX Facebook page at  remains a popular and widely used resource for buyers or sellers as well as for agents who want to share non-branded consumer-facing content.

According to Cory Jo Vasquez, Director of Digital Communications, We Are RE/MAX is another social avenue for Affiliates to “tell the RE/MAX  story” and share ideas.

“We want to be more vocal about the great things RE/MAX Affiliates accomplish,” Vasquez said. “The new Facebook page will help us all – a force of over 100,000 marketers – celebrate and promote the tools, resources, vision and culture that make RE/MAX different. We have the most productive, successful agents in the industry, and it’s time to shout it out even louder.”


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