Why RE/MAX is ‘the Best Place for Entrepreneurs’

Renee Buckhoff

In the seven years since Renee Buckhoff earned her real estate license, she’s learned a lot about the business – and even more about what she wants to get out of it.

After closing 93 transactions on her own last year, the Broker Associate knew she needed to build a team if she wanted to improve upon those results. She also knew she needed to be able to spend time away from the office – and with her husband and two children – every now and then. So when Coldwell Banker, where Buckhoff had worked her entire career, couldn’t support her ambitions, she found a brokerage that could: RE/MAX Vintage in Houston.

“The level of professionalism is completely different than what I experienced previously,” she says.

Together with two Coldwell Banker colleagues who also joined RE/MAX, and one new hire, the Broker Associate formed the Renee Buckhoff Group. Here’s what spurred the change, and why she says she sees a long future with RE/MAX ahead of her.

Why did you decide to leave Coldwell Banker?
My business had grown over the past few years to a point that I really couldn’t do more by myself. I went to everyone that had a voice in our particular franchise and talked to them about forming a team. The message I kept getting was, “We’re just not set up for that.” I was one of the top producers in the whole company, and I kept thinking, ‘Gosh, they’re just being so shortsighted.’ The cost of having agents work under me was completely astronomical. So I started looking at other companies that had really successful teams. And that led me to RE/MAX Vintage.

What made you choose RE/MAX over other brokerages?
I looked at Keller Williams, I looked at a local independent and I looked at companies around me that had really strong teams, because I wanted to duplicate their success. Gary Stallings, Co-Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Vintage, has a longstanding record of success and working with teams, and Peggy Rudolph, our other Co-Broker/Owner, has an outstanding reputation for being a person of integrity and leadership. When I sat down with them, it clicked. I felt like these are the people I need to align myself with; these are the people that I want to have as my accountability partners. I knew they were people that would guide me and not let me fall and make mistakes. I asked Gary if he would be a mentor to me and help me do what he’s done very successfully – and he said absolutely. That’s when I knew this was the right place.

What do your clients think of the move to RE/MAX?
Every single one of them has followed me. A lot of people have congratulated me because they know I’m growing my business and they know that I can officially talk about having a team. And I’m gaining more clients at RE/MAX than I would have gained before because my marketing is going further.

Has your business grown since joining RE/MAX?
In my research, I found that when you change businesses, typically you have a 25- to 30-percent setback. We didn’t though, which I think is just phenomenal. We’re actually about 10 percent above where we were this time last year. In my mind, that’s still 30-percent growth, like I’ve experienced in years past.

Do you feel more in control of your business at RE/MAX?
This is why I got into real estate. I was a stay-at-home mom and wanted to be in business for myself; I didn’t want to be a corporate employee. Real estate made sense because I could own my own business without having to own the company. I feel like that’s where I ran into a brick wall with Coldwell Banker; they couldn’t see I was trying to build something bigger.

Have you set any goals for you and your team since joining RE/MAX?
Last year, Houston Business Journal named me as the No. 14 real estate agent in the entire city of Houston. I don’t want to lose that momentum. My goal is for the Renee Buckhoff Group to be in the top 25 real estate groups in Houston from this point forward. There are 30,000 agents, so that’s a lot of competition. But I want to do it better than any of them, with more integrity and by providing better service for my clients.

What would you say to other agents thinking about joining RE/MAX?
If you’re looking to be a real estate professional and have a business of your own – and not have the corporate mentality – RE/MAX has so many strengths that will fit your vision. I have accountability to my Broker/Owners, but they’re not in my office every day telling me I need to order fliers or that I need to host open houses. If I don’t do them, I’m the one who’s losing; and if I do them, I’m the one who’s winning. If you’re ready to truly be the owner of a business and do more business, I think RE/MAX is a fantastic place to be.



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Congrats on your decision to move to RE/MAX. I left Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage in 2006 and joined RE/MAX and have not regretted my decision for even one second. Welcome to RE/MAX and a chance to earn as much as you want!

Good move. After 35 years as an independent broker, I moved to RE/MAX Palm in Port Charlotte, FL. Only dumb thing about it was waiting so long.

Congratulations Renee,

It is so gratifying to see that others are waking up to the ReMax opportunity. You and I had similar experiences and observations about CB at the time of our employment. I was a late blooming agent in Northern CA that left one career in 2002 and join CB as an associate. Being semi retired, I was looking for the most reward on my time spent. After 5 yrs with CB (and being rooky of the year and a top-producer) I was asking for some flexibility on the commissions.

Sorry, no flexibility, so I began to research. I could not believe the difference between what I found with the old “established” agencies and ReMax. I’ve been with ReMax now since 2007 and never looked back. And without the 6% franchise fee of CB (or 8% from Century 21) why would anyone settle for less. I work hard for my money and I know ReMax does too. I always remind Realtors about the Wizard Of Oz and if you’re happy with one of the other agencies that takes an inordinate amount of your commissions…..don’t look behind the curtain.

ReMax ROCKS!!!!!

Lee Stilwell
Fremont, CA

Congratulations on your decision to join RE/MAX! You will find that you wish you had done it a long time ago. Please let me know if you have any referrals for California. We will serve you and your clients well here at RE/MAX Gold.

Thanks for the note! I will definitely be calling if any of my folks ever move your direction! There are many folks from CA coming to Houston, so just give me a call if I can ever help YOU!

Renee, great article and Congratulations on the Move – RE/Max is above the Crowd! Welcome to RE/Max!

Ria Plas @ RE/Max Garden City in Burlington, ON, Canada.

ps – If you have any referrals for the Toronto-Niagara corridor in Ontario, Canada, I will serve them well!

I LOVE hearing stories such as this! It makes me even prouder to be part of the RE/MAX family of professionals who know how to run their business with great service, knowledge & insight! I left Weichert Realty as their top producing agent in this area about 2 1 /2 years ago to join RE/MAX Island Realty in the Hilton Head, SC area. I have increased my income tremendously by a lot of hard work together with the outstanding RE/MAX brand. I know where you are coming from Renee, when you say that your clients followed you to RE/MAX as mine did also, & aren’t you proud of yourself for having given such great service that those clients didn’t think twice about doing so! CONGRATULATIONS!!! . PS-got any clients who want to retire to the wonderful Hilton Head area, AKA PARADISE???? Send me those referrals!

I commend you on your move to REMAX! We truly are one big family all the way from Canada to the US. ReMax has a vision to support and guide everyone of our agents to be all that we can be. I work out of Yorkton, Saskatchewan, Canada with ReMax Blue Chip Realty. When you work with ReMax, near or far, your future is nothing but absolutely rewarding! Wishing you all the best!

CONGRATULATIONS on moving to Re/Max.
The company I am with Re/Max Escarpment has surpassed all the other real estate companies in our area. I believe it has to do with the Re/Max leading edge training and being ahead of the industry with the tools to serve our clients. With the top notch Re/max Brand we can all make it to the top.
Our Company is located in the Burlington Ontario and we cover Hamilton, Oakville and Great Toronto Areas.
Should you have clients looking to move this way we would appreciate the referral.
Thank you for sharing your story.
All the Best,

Renee, Congratulations on making the move to RE/MAX! I’ve been with RE/MAX for over 20 years and it’s been great. Hope we will get to work together on a home sale sometime.

As a part of the Renee Buckhoff group I am thrilled with the move and know Renee will help us to achieve goals we didn’t think were possible! I absolutely love Re/Max Vintage and all the people who keep it running smoothly! Cheers to the best year yet!

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