When Caring Turns Into Action

When Maryland agent Kim Scott met a mother in need, she went all out to help

By Rebecca L. Olgeirson
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Last November, authorities contacted Dena Taggart, a mother in southern Maryland who hadn’t seen her eldest son since a family member abducted him when he was 2. They had good news: Her son had been found. It had been 12 long years, but she had never stopped looking and never stopped believing he’d come home one day.

Kim Scott
Kim Scott

Taggart, who was battling an extremely progressive form of brain cancer at the time, was elated. But she was also confronted by the harsh reality of one condition the authorities put on her son Nicholas’ return: He would need his own bedroom. And that was a problem, because Dena was already living in tight quarters, sharing a small, two-bedroom apartment with her husband and her other son, 6-year-old Connor.

They would need to move – although they really weren’t positioned financially to do so.

And then they met Kim Scott, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX 100 in California, Md.

Scott, who joined RE/MAX in 2013, had a perfect rental for the family. It was a three-bedroom townhouse with a nice patio, overlooking a backyard where the brothers could play. Dena’s husband, a retired Navy veteran with a full-time job, could afford the monthly rent. But the $2,800 required for the security deposit and first month’s payment was farther than the family – already facing Dena’s mounting medical bills – could stretch at the moment.

It was just a week before Christmas. But Kim Scott wasn’t giving up.

“I have a 2-year-old son, and I couldn’t imagine him being gone like that,” she recalls. “I thought ‘I just have to help this woman get her son back. This is the right place for them.’ And then I went into Mommy mode.”

Scott posted a message on Facebook telling her family, friends and church about what she hoped to do. Her community responded. In an extraordinary way. Christmas presents and gift cards began to arrive. A mortgage lender covered the first month’s rent. Someone offered moving assistance. Others helped in different ways. And Scott donated her commission to the cause.

I thought ‘I have to help this woman get her son back’ … and I went into Mommy mode Kim Scott

The Taggarts moved in. And in March, so did Nicholas.

Soon after the holidays, Dena Taggart sat down and wrote one of the most amazing and gracious letters a real estate agent could imagine. She sent it to Wayne Floyd, the Manager at RE/MAX 100. Floyd wasn’t surprised by Scott’s actions or her modesty.

“Kim is a phenomenal new agent,” he says. “She’s well-liked, but she’s quiet. It’s not her way to talk about herself.”

So let Dena Taggart do it:

“I had given up hope. There was no light at the end of the tunnel. If it hadn’t been for Kim, my son wouldn’t be coming home. This wouldn’t be happening. What do you do when someone gives you back your life? How can you say ‘Thank you’ enough? I will spend whatever time God allows me to be here to be a mom – to show my kids they’re perfect the way they are, and that we’re a family.

“At a time in my life when I desperately needed a hero, Kim Scott walked into my life and became that hero.”

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