Q&A: The Value of International Business

Colin Jacobs, with RE/MAX Estate Properties in Los Angeles, leverages networking all over the world to grow his business.

Jacobs attended the 2016 RE/MAX Asia Pacific Convention in Thailand. Below, he offers his insight on the value of international business.

Colin Jacobs

The 2017 Asia Pacific Convention takes place Aug. 30 – Sept. 1 in Gold Coast, Australia. Register here.

1. What drives your interest in global business?

I’m passionate about building relationships and sharing my insights with like-minded professionals who want to grow their business with the global RE/MAX International family. I’m very interested in digital marketing, and I enjoy sharing my digital marketing insights, showing others how they can grow their business using video, and promote themselves globally.

2. How is this important to your business?

Building relationships with industry leaders from communities around enables me to help clients move across borders with no hitches or issues. The RE/MAX saying “One World. One RE/MAX” demonstrates to clients (and our competitors) that we offer a different kind of quality – a true global reach. I love being part of that.

3. What are the benefits of attending events like the RE/MAX R4 and Asia Pacific Conventions?

While interacting using video and digital marketing tools and techniques is highly effective, there is no substitute for quality, face-to-face time with the global RE/MAX community.

The R4 and the Asia Pacific Conventions offer an opportunity to learn from top speakers, interact at workshops and attend gala parties – in addition to enjoying all the sightseeing and exploring new cities and countries. When I return to my L.A. office from these events, I return refreshed with incredible experiences giving me a distinct advantage in my work and great personal memories that last a lifetime.

4. What are your best practices when attending these events?

Because my clients demand the best customer service when they relocate, I make a deliberate effort to meet one-on-one with as many RE/MAX agents, brokers and managers as possible. This helps me better understand their business, and see if they are a right fit for my global referrals.

Recently, I’ve been conducting short video interviews with various event speakers and attendees, which I then show my audience of clients, real estate professionals and investors. These videos are a great introduction, showing my clients that they can trust and understand the person referred to them before they meet them. It’s been incredibly successful.

5. What main challenges do you face in your business. How do you overcome them?

Beyond the usual international challenges of different time zones, legal requirements and language barriers, the main challenges I face are related to tech, and how to troubleshoot issues on the fly. For example, it’s important to know what the preferred messenger app is for an area – whether it be WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Facebook, etc.  It’s also important to know when it’s appropriate to use new tools, like BombBomb Snippets.

My goal is to streamline tech and establish seamless communication channels regardless of time zone, cultural and language barriers.

6. Do you have any fun or memorable stories from the events you’ve attended?

I love remembering a time at the 2016 Asia Pacific Convention when Gangnam Style was blasting over the speakers. All the RE/MAX Region owners and staff from every country were dancing on stage in harmony. It was such a great moment that, for me, reinforces the benefit of connecting with the RE/MAX family in person.


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