Unforgettable: 9 Top Moments at R4

March 2016

The 2016 R4 proved once again that RE/MAX is a network of amazing people doing amazing things.

Here are 9 of the most memorable moments, events and personalities from this year’s convention.

  1. Jay Leno

A little edgy and unpredictable, the famed comedian shined as the host of Monday’s Opening General Session. He kept the energy high and the wisecracks coming, elevating the show with his Big League style.

  1. Hakkasan!

There’s a reason world-famous DJs such as David Guetta spin at Hakkasan: It’s a club experience like no other, and the perfect place to party after an energized Opening General Session. Have you recovered yet?

  1. Inman Live@RE/MAX

Few things are as cool as live TV. The anything-goes Inman Live@RE/MAX stream gave Dave Liniger and others a chance to talk shop with host Brad Inman, covering millennials, minorities, mentorship and more.

Here are 10 great quotes from the program.

  1. The Moment of Truth

You have 5 seconds to decide whether you want to read this one … It’s safe to say that Michele Metz of RE/MAX Real Pros in Murrieta, California, had her top R4 moment during Mel Robbins’ boundary-blasting Featured Session. Midway through a speech on taking action in difficult situations, Robbins climbed to the third level of the MGM Grand Garden Arena. That’s where she found Metz, whom she asked to open three envelopes and follow whatever instructions were inside. Metz opened the first envelope and, after voicing her surprise (to about 5,000 attendees), realized she was about to join Robbins on stage. Working through the exercise, Metz did a great job of leaving her comfort zone and rising to the occasion. In the third envelope came the payoff: an invitation to meet Lady Antebellum. Everyone glad they weren’t in Metz’s shoes on stage suddenly wished they were. It was a priceless R4 moment.

  1. The inaugural Special Awards Luncheon

The new Special Awards Luncheon was a major hit. It gave award-winners extra time in the spotlight and provided another opportunity to celebrate an incredible year. There was a ton of RE/MAX spirit in the room. When Manuel Alvarez and Beatriz Rubio, the dynamic leaders of RE/MAX Portugal, took the stage to accept Region of the Year,  their Affiliates gave them a standing ovation, sang the national anthem and proudly waved their flags. Later, groups from Argentina, Canada and elsewhere showed their pride, too. It was electric.

The Special Awards Luncheon also streamlined the Best of RE/MAX Awards night, the most glamorous event of the week. More than 2,000 awards were handed out to top producers. Congratulations to all of this year’s award winners!

  1. Global Referral Exchange

There are countless networking opportunities during R4, but there’s only one where you’ll find Cuban cigars, sweet tea vodka and referral connections in places you’d love to spend a week visiting. It’s the best mix of music, gifts, smiles and business at R4.

  1. Miracle Makers

Miracle Child Camryn accepts a gift from RE/MAX CEO and Co-founder Dave Liniger during Monday's OGS.
From the Tee it Up For Kids Golf Tournament to the Big Give Live Auction and Ice Cream Social, R4 attendees took every advantage to positively impact the lives of children. This year’s convention raised $175,000 for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals. This year’s Miracle Child, 10-year-old Camryn, was a great reminder of the importance of the CMNH mission. When she was born six weeks premature, Camryn’s parents were told she may never walk, talk or see. Camryn proved the doctors wrong, and her vibrant personality was an inspiration to all.

  1. Whitespace

Featured Speaker Juliet Funt hit the audience of the Closing Session with a truth few want to admit: “Everyone is working on the leading edge of burnout.” She advised attendees to stop the insane daily rush that hurts productivity and damages potential, Instead, she said, adopt the idea of Whitespace: a strategic pause between activities. Slow down. Be more thoughtful about what you’re doing at work. Find Whitespace and you find time – to spend with family and friends.

  1. Lady Antebellum’s unpredictable set

There’s no better way to cap off a week of learning, networking and endless inspiration than letting loose at Fun Night. This year, country superstars Lady Antebellum rocked the MGM arena. The private setting put everyone closer to the stage, but the band took things one step further by venturing into the stands to play an acoustic set from the middle of the crowd. Once-in-a-lifetime musical magic.


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This was my first RE/MAX conference since joining the company! WOW! JUST INCREDIBLE!!
What an amazing group of presenters/speakers!! So much GOOD! LOVED IT ALL! Thank you RE/MAX! Grateful to be a part of such an awesome company!!

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