Travis Robertson: Are You Team Leader Material?

The success coach offers a gut check for agents considering forming a team. Plus, more of the ideas he shared at the Ultimate RE/MAX Teams Event in Las Vegas

By Heather R. Johnson

Travis RobertsonPeak performance coach Travis Robertson is an expert on team building, marketing and sales. He speaks frequently on those topics, as well as business growth, negotiation, recruiting, retention and leadership.

Robertson offers these ideas on what it takes to lead a team.

5 Traits of a Strong Team Leader

  1. Is honest about his or her own capabilities

You have to be self-aware enough to recognize whether you’re capable of being a team leader. If you’re building a team to spend less time at work, don’t build a team. Initially you’re going to be busier than you were before you had a team.

  1. Leans into what motivates individual team members

The truth is, you can’t motivate other people. People are either motivated by what’s important to them or they’re not. You must help people identify their personal motivators. Once you identify what motivates them, then you have to put the individuals in a position to achieve that motivating result. It’s also important to ask what they want most from a Team Leader. Questions like this can help you gauge how self-aware they are.

  1. Is sensitive to possible generational differences

I want to be careful not to paint with too broad a brush. As an example, a big motivator for Millennials is the ability to collaborate with others because that’s what they were raised in. For Millennials, you want to create a collaborative environment where they can learn from and share with others. Lack of transparency and collaboration will greatly frustrate them.

  1. Knows there’s always more to learn

It’s a good idea to consider hiring a coach. A coach can help fast track your success and help you avoid some of the more common mistakes that new Team Leaders make. Just know that it’s harder to fix a broken team than to build it correctly from the start.

  1. Can handle the challenge

You have to have more resilience and grit and determination than you might realize. Know going in that it’s going to be one of the most challenging, rewarding, painful, awesome things you’ve ever done. But remember, you signed up for this. You have no reason to complain about a decision you made knowingly. So have fun and keep hustling!

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Love these 5 points! Having worked with a number of team leaders over the years, I’d suggest a 6th point… Team Leaders must be willing to learn how to attract and evaluate talent. So often I see team leads hire the wrong support people and buyers agents. Their skill set typically involves listing, selling and negotiating skills but not recruiting. Strategically selecting the correct team members is an area that many haven’t been trained on and in that void some missteps can occur,

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