Top 100 Tips: How to Get the Life You Want

What happens after the transaction helps you get there, says this Lifetime Achievement Award winner

By Andy Stonehouse

Vision. It’s what’s Lynn Ryan has always had for her life and career. And it’s what’s helped push her to the
No. 77 spot on the June 2016 RE/MAX Top 100 U.S. Individuals list.

The Lifetime Achievement Award winner with RE/MAX of Boulder in Boulder, Colorado, shares what else has helped her turn ideas into actions – and what might help you find the extra drive to achieve greater things too.remax_top100

Be friendly, available and visible

The most important aspect of marketing myself is maintaining the relationship after the transaction closes. Residential real estate is such an intensely personal business, so I make sure I communicate with my clients in a personal manner. I use email, lunch dates, Facebook, newsletters and social events centered around charitable giving to stay in touch. It helps me know what’s important to them and what’s going on in their lives. In the end, my clients become a set of extended family and friends. 

Time is precious. Use yours wisely!

Between work and family, I need to keep a fairly consistent schedule in order to stay on track. I work out nearly every day – usually a hike with my dog or a workout class in the morning. Then I know it’s out of the way and I can focus on the rest of my day. Recently, I organized a group of women Realtors to get together every few weeks. We all share the same challenges, more or less, of balancing work and family so it’s good to be able to have others who can listen and help out, and you do the same for them. Not to mention, it’s also helpful for getting the inside scoop on properties they have coming on the market!

Envision the life you want – and go make it happen

I have always known that I wanted to be able to live in a great place, to have a great family life, and to be able to travel and see all that the world has to offer. Working hard and being successful makes those other things possible. So my motivation comes from the fact that I’m just extremely grateful that I’m able to work like I do, doing work I love that in the end pays off.

Make the most of the brand’s reputation

On a national level, the name recognition is huge. But more importantly, on a local level, people know that RE/MAX of Boulder is the most successful office in town with agents that are experienced, have integrity and are true professionals. They know the agents there have a proven track record, that we have great support and that we give back to the community.


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Having worked on real estate transactions over the years with Lynn, I can honestly say that she is the real deal. Her advice on being successful in this business is equally relevant to rookies and veterans alike.

Mrs Ryan,
Thanks for your sound advice. Its always inspiring to hear an accomplished Realtor share proven gold nuggets.

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