Top 100 Tips: Embrace
Your Personal Sales Style

Many might say that extroverts make ideal salespeople, and that it takes a bold personality to attract clients.

Albert Brandt takes a different approach, preferring to let his experience, reputation and value drive conversations instead of flashy sales techniques. The approach has endeared the Circle of Legends Award winner to a wide, affluent circle in Magog, a resort destination in Quebec that overlooks mountains and Lake Memphremagog.

Here’s how he maintains a high-end client base with a low profile.

Get involved in charity eventsAlbert Brandt RE/MAX

“I was asked to be president of honor for a fundraising golf tournament held by our local hospital. Getting involved in these types of events puts you in a nice light –people respect that you’ve been asked by an institution to represent it. And you’re not calling on people to solicit business. You’re calling on them to solicit donations for a great cause. It’s a wonderful way to make contacts.”

Let the RE/MAX brand speak for you

“I am a shy individual and listen more than I talk. This tends to make people comfortable, and I am able gain their trust quickly. My image is low-key. I don’t include a picture of myself on signs or print ads to have a more upscale feel. I believe more-knowledgeable clients looking for confidentiality gravitate toward a more professional look in marketing efforts.

The RE/MAX Collection style sets me apart in my advertising and signage. It presents an upscale image. Property owners like it because it sets them apart from the bungalow selling for $200,000. It also gives them the feeling they are being served at a higher level.”

Use discretion

“The population is only about 20,000 people in Magog and 50,000 around the lake. Word of mouth is very important. I work in a climate of confidence and collaboration. Take the approach of a top-notch lawyer – impress on clients that all conversations are confidential and only information that promotes the property in a positive way is released to third parties. High-end clients recognize the value of an agent who is discreet.

Doing business with the luxury market is as simple as being forthright, honest, a good listener and not pretentious.”



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