Top 100 Tips:
Always Think Like an Entrepreneur

Nevin Raghuveer was fresh out of college when he launched his first business. Today, the Team Leader of the Nevin Real Estate Team with RE/MAX Results in Minneapolis uses his background as an entrepreneur to build a profitable real estate business.

Here are tips for long-term entrepreneurial success from this Top 100 winner (Raghuveer was No. 25 on the year-end 2016 U.S. Individuals list.).

Develop a mission statement, and follow it

Our mission statement is: “We deliver exemplary counsel and advice to our clients while providing a level of exceptional service that is unprecedented in the real estate industry.” We also have five core values: Leadership, Integrity, Commitment, Passion and Respect. We share our mission and values with clients at the time of contract as a pledge.

Take advantage of the global reach of RE/MAX

Leverage the RE/MAX network and the high quality of our Associates around the world. With relocation being so critical, clients want information on different markets. Having a worldwide network of quality contacts provides a high level of service that isn’t offered by other brokerages. Additionally, RE/MAX Headquarters is committed to Associates’ success, which is critical. That fundamental support through career development and conferences will help you take your business to a higher level.

Hire top-notch staff who believe in your mission

I hired a partner to assist me with all of the business functions: representing buyers, business planning and listing appointments. I looked for an extension of myself, not someone who earns a living on the sole basis of closing a deal. I want our clients represented to the fullest, with no drop-off in mindset or service level. I look for team members who possess a combination of loyalty, work ethic and intelligence. When you have all three, you are set up for success.

Do the grunt work if you want to grow

I started with a 178-townhome farm in the western suburbs of Minneapolis. Now we farm 13,000 to 14,000 homes throughout the city. Signs, postcards, referrals – it’s the convergence of those efforts that allows you to grow rapidly. But you have to do the grunt work first. When I started and I saw a FSBO went up, I made sure to get that listing. You have to keep that hunger.

Focus on both short- and long-term goals

I reprioritize daily and don’t go more than two weeks without addressing long-term business goals and strategies. I keep it simple: I use a CRM for daily chores but have a notebook that keeps me on track for large-scale projects. The day you stop working on those big-picture projects is the day your business starts to regress. Planning the next day at the end of the current day, and delegating tasks first thing in the morning, are critical steps to achieve your goals.



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