Tom Ferry’s Top 4 Tactics for Sustained Success

Success coach Tom Ferry says there’s a lot of money to be made in real estate in the next three to five years, but a lot of agents are going to miss out if they don’t supercharge their selling systems and ambitions. Here are his top tips:

1. Think bigger; aim higher. If you want to increase your income by 10 times, you can’t get there by doing more of the same. Decide how many transactions you want annually and add a “1” in front of it. Most people aren’t thinking big enough. They are spending too much time looking at what everyone else in the real estate world is doing.

2. Never stop innovating & marketing. Success comes from innovation and marketing. Innovation makes it easier for the customer to do business with you, and marketing ensures you’re getting your share of the business.

3. Expand your reach. Agents who have only three or four ways to generate client leads aren’t casting a large enough net to get the number of customers they should. The good agents that are in the 1 percent or 2 percent have five ways, eight ways. And the very best have 15 or 20 different ways that they’re bringing in customers.

4. Make a plan and measure your performance. Stay connected with your business plan and review it every day. Measure your performance against your plan and evaluate where to implement changes. It’s vital someone holds you accountable to make sure you’re doing what’s necessary to gain more business.

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