Social Strategies: Be Visible Every Day

Using video to communicate and show your face every day fosters trust and familiarity – and helps you build valuable client relationships

By Kayla Roofe
RE/MAX Social Media Manager

While Facebook may be the “godfather” of all social media platforms – and helps increase brand awareness – it’s important to put your social media eggs in more than one basket. Expanding your personal brand to multiple social platforms, will help spread the word further (and faster) and can open greater opportunities for establishing connections.

Studies have shown that live social media is more appealing to consumers than traditional social media posts, so try it out for yourself. The art of Snapchat and Instagram Stories lies in combining individual clips, photos and videos together to create a “story” and reach an engaged audience. These live social media tools help users capture everything in-between and create a bigger, richer story than a series of individual photos or videos can provide. By showing your authentic, real self during a story, your audience can connect with you on a deeper and more personal level – making your brand rise above the crowd.

Getting Started

First, establish Instagram and Snapchat accounts. On both platforms, you can connect with people already in your phone’s address book. (This will be easy if your clients’ phone numbers are already loaded in your device.) Gain more followers by creating attractive content, using relevant hashtags and displaying your geolocation.

Follow these tips to stand out from the crowd.

  1. Be yourself and be authentic: Don’t have polished sales presentations or only “talk business.” Instead, limit shop talk and show your every-day life. #thatsthesignofaremaxagent
  1. Home/Property tours: Highlight the best features of the property – views, kitchen, pool, etc. Attach a linkto website listings that users can “swipe-up” for more information. #sellyeah
  1. Reviews of nearby locations: Have lunch at a nearby restaurant, visit the local schools, bring your dog to the nearest dog park, etc. Showing the surrounding neighborhood and all aspects of the home you are selling sets you apart from your average real estate agent. #remaxhustle
  1. List contact information: Direct people back to your personal website or have a CTA to contact you directly by listing your contact information at the end of your story.
  1. Events: Join the conversation with group stories and geo locations during RE/MAX conferences and events to expand your network and connect with people with similar interests in the area.
  1. Geofilters: Create and use community geofilters on Snapchat – or geotags on Instagram ­– around open houses and events to further promote your brand and expand your reach.

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