Shine the Spotlight on Kids with the Month of Miracles Challenge (and You Could Win a Free Ad!)

The annual RE/MAX Month of Miracles in August is the perfect time to highlight your passion for helping kids on your social channels. And this year, one winner can broadcast that message even louder with a free “thank you” ad from Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

It’s easy to participate. Complete the five challenges below during August 2018 and submit a screenshot via the online submission form. The winner will be chosen by the CMN Hospitals and RE/MAX, LLC teams.

CMN Hospitals will run an ad in the winner’s local paper (online or in print) thanking them for their support.

The Challenges:

  1. Create an honor card on behalf of a client OR make a donation in the Miracle System.
  2. Take a selfie in front of your local CMN Hospital and post it to one of your social accounts using the hashtag #SELLfie. If the hospital is too far away, request a picture of your hospital’s local Champion to post using the same hashtag.
  3. Post a video or photo of a client for whom you’ve made a donation to CMN Hospitals and share their Miracle story. Add the #SELLfie hashtag to your post.
  4. Write a post on social media (maybe it’s a video!) stating why you support CMN Hospitals using #REMAX4Kids.

For more ideas and resources to amp-up your social pages and celebrate Month of Miracles, visit the Miracle Hub for videos, graphics, inspiring stories and more!




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