Best of R4 2018: Vaynerchuk Urges RE/MAX R4 Audience to Buy into Social Media NOW

Gary Vaynerchuk has news for anybody who thinks Facebook ads have become too expensive: In two years, those ad prices are going to skyrocket, leaving real estate agents and others regretful they didn’t take advantage of a golden opportunity to build their brand on social media.

“You need to start thinking of yourself as a media company,” Vaynerchuk told attendees at the RE/MAX R4 Super Session on Wednesday morning. “You think you’ve missed the opportunity, but for the next 24 months, (social media ads) are still going to be underpriced.”

The world’s biggest companies have yet to invest substantially in social media, he said. Once they reallocate those tens of billions of dollars to social media ad spending, opportunities for the little guy will dwindle.

“If you just had your best year ever, why would you make changes?” Vaynerchuk asked. “Success is tricky.”

Vaynerchuk, who grew his family’s wine business from $3 million to $60 million using digital media strategies he now espouses as an

author and speaker, urged RE/MAX Associates to create podcasts, post two to four pieces of content a day, and spend $50 to $200 on Facebook ads to become not just a local brand, but a local institution.

Gary Vaynerchuk

Vaynerchuk offered this example: Go to your local high school’s football game, write about it and share it on Facebook. “It gets shared by someone with a friend whose kid’s on the team, who shares it” and so on.

Another idea: “Interview the high school principal on how the school year went, wear your RE/MAX shirt and write a story about it,” he suggested. “Pay $100 for an ad and post it on Facebook. You will start establishing yourself as a local celebrity.”

Vaynerchuk acknowledged the industry-leading success of RE/MAX agents, but cautioned that success is a vulnerability.

“If you just had your best year ever, why would you make changes?” he asked. “Success is tricky.”

The digital guru called the internet the biggest invention in the history of mankind. “And it’s a baby,” he said. “People were shocked when Amazon bought Whole Foods. Are you going to be shocked when Facebook buys Target? The world has changed, and we haven’t calibrated how big.”

Vaynerchuk said his business today bears no resemblance to his business of two years ago, that’s gone “all in” on podcasts, LinkedIn and Facebook, in addition to videos he’s known for. He urged RE/MAX agents to do the same.

“I feel there’s no excuses for anyone,” he said. “You will regret it if you don’t go on the offensive.”

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