RE/MAX Team Awards: Answers To Your Top Questions

How the RE/MAX Team Club Awards work

Team Club Awards will carry the same thresholds as current awards: ($100,000 for 100 Percent Club, $250,000 for Platinum Club, etc.) but feature the word “Team” in the name (e.g., Team Titan Club).

The Team, represented by the Team Leader, will earn a Club Award in its name, based on the collective commission earnings reported for it. Team Members also qualify for individual Club Awards based on their own commission totals.

An illustration:
• “Team Alphabet” reports earnings of $1.2 million for the year.
• Team Leader Andrew accepts the RE/MAX Team Diamond Award on behalf of Team Alphabet.
• Team Member Bridget, who earned $260,000 of the team’s total, receives the RE/MAX Platinum Club Award.
• Team Member Clark, who earned $180,000 of the team’s total, receives the RE/MAX 100 Percent Club Award.
• Remaining Team Members receive the awards their earnings have qualified for.

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Q: What name is engraved on the trophy?
A: The team name specified in the Mainstreet database (The ABC All Stars). If no Team Name is recorded, the engraving will be the Team Leader’s name and the word “Team” (“Scott Schultz Team”).

Q: Are Team Leaders eligible for individual Club Awards?
A: No. Team Leaders receive the Team Award, but only Team Members are recognized for their individual contributions.

Q: Do the Team Members receive Team Club Award trophies too?
A: Additional Team Club Award trophies are available for purchase on

Q: How does this affect two-agent partnerships such as husband-wife teams?
A: They’re invited to take the R4 stage together and receive a Team Club Award in the team’s name, based on their combined earnings. The partners determine which of them is the Team Leader and which is the Team Member. The partner identified as the Team Leader qualifies for a Team Club Award and the partner identified as the Team Member qualifies for an Individual Club Award.

Q: Does this have an impact on Career Awards such as Hall of Fame and Lifetime Achievement?
A: No. The new Team awards are limited to the Club Awards based on annual earnings. There is no “Team Hall of Fame,” for instance.

Q:  How do Licensed Assistants factor into this program?
A:  Licensed Assistants are called Licensed Administrators in the Agent and Office Portal. Any Sales Associate or Broker/Owner supported by another licensee is classified as a Team Leader for award and/or ranking purposes.



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Who cares? … Rewards come with clients being happy.
We just want to help more of them and sell more real estate.
Allocate this program’s money to advertising.

This is fantastic! Thanks to all those who worked on creating this and I hope all regions use these beautiful awards at regional conferences! The people behind the scenes at REMAX World Headquarters are amazing!

Ryan Eashoo

Great, I am not sure if my team is registered with RE/MAX Corporate or not. What’s the best way to find out if we are classified this way? I have a team, but I’m the lead agent and only sales person of a team of 6 now.

I’ve been asking for this for years. Glad to see the agents on my team who work so hard get recognized and not just me as the team leader. It’s not all about me after all.

I don’t like this at all. My husband and I have a partnership and I have always disliked the idea that one of us is the team leader. Sometimes with a partnership, especially husband and wife, egos get involved. You need to have a partnership award because with us, no matter who makes the sale, the proceeds are divided equally.

Will a team leader now qualify for “top 100” status individually? As a team leader, I only qualified for the team category previously.

Hi Liz,

The new Team Club Awards announcement does not change how Top 100s will be calculated. Team Leaders will rank only on the Team Leaders lists. Thank you!

I’m the Team Leader of my Team, so as I read it, I get a team production award and not a personal??? This is NOT COOL. I worked my butt off to get Chairman’s last year and now I won’t receive a personal award recognizing my hard work. I’m not good with that AT ALL. I think the team award is a great idea – just don’t write me off because I’m a leader.

I’ve been asking for this for over 13 years – glad RE/MAX leadership finally listened to the Agents
and Brokers.

If all transactions are processed and funded under the team leader’s name, regardless of the team member who produced it, will a Team Administrator still be eligible for an Individual Club Award? If so, how would data be submitted for this?
I’m also in agreement that a team leader should be able to qualify under their own production for an Individual Club Award if the other members of the team are able to do so, however do realize how sticky some of that reporting could be.

At last! Yippy!!. 8 Years ago I asked for this and the answer was just NO! Thank You Re/max

The next step…Please! Except for an Award I am looking forward to an “INCENTIVE” been added to the Top Pruducers.

ok, I am from the Sunshine Coast, in BC, Canada and it sounds like team credits have not been given out before. We put everything in my husbands name, and I don’t know if that is hindering us as a team or if he will get the individual credit. Either way, our market took a dive this year due to government legislation, re international $$, ie/ China, and unfortunately the government have also hindered us by stopping limited dual agency in our province, and we as a married couple are frowned upon to do what is now called ‘no agency’ relationships.
Hopefully we will be able to attend the fabulous convention planned in Vegas. It will be enjoyable to mingle with others. We have been chairman’s club for 3 of the last 15 so maybe we will sit somewhere in the new award levels but unfortunately it won’t be chairmans club.

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