R4 Speaker Kelly McGonigal: Stress May Help You Live Longer

RE/MAX R4 Speaker: Kelly McGonigal

We’ve all felt the side effects of stress: Pounding heart, pooling sweat, losing focus. But before you pull out your yoga mat and attempt to completely destress your life, take a moment to listen to R4 speaker Kelly McGonigal.

McGonigal is a health psychologist who questions the notion that stress has a detrimental impact on your health. According to the R4 speaker, it’s all a matter of perception.

“How you think about stress matters,” McGonigal says. “When you change your mind about stress, you can change your body’s response to stress.”

For example, what if instead of viewing your pounding heart as a sign of anxiety, you viewed it as a sign your body was energized, ready to rise to a challenge? In that case, stress becomes a motivator, and can actually be beneficial to your health.

It’s a radical idea, but the science behind it is quite compelling. Learn more in McGonigal’s TED Talk (above) “How to Make Stress Your Friend,” then register for the 2019 RE/MAX R4 Convention to see her live during Wednesday’s Super Session.



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