4 Ways to Build Your Referral Network at the RE/MAX R4 Convention

RE/MAX R4 Convention: Build Referral Network

Looking to build your referral business? There’s no better place than the RE/MAX R4 Convention, according to Duane Duggan with RE/MAX of Boulder in Colorado. The Team Leader of the Boulder Property Network has attended over 30 RE/MAX conventions, and says the powerful networking is one of the main reasons he keeps coming back.

“People wonder why I get so many referrals placed. It’s because I’ve met so many people at R4,” Duggan says. “It’s all about the personal relationships. Your clients trust you more when you say you know someone personally than from a database.”

Here are Duggan’s top four tips for making new connections and keeping the relationship going after R4 ends.

1. Attend the Best of RE/MAX Awards Night – and take photos!

“Send your new contacts photos of them accepting their awards. They love it!” Duggan also says it’s important to take advantage of your own moment in the spotlight. “Walking across the stage is a great way to show everyone you’re still out there doing business. It’s a big mistake to just pick up your award in the MarketPlace. Celebrate with your RE/MAX friends and go meet people on the dance floor.”

2. Leverage social media to stay in touch

“I have my whole network on Facebook. It’s a great way to stay in touch with your contacts without spending any money, and I have so much more interaction than when I used to send postcards. Each time I post, RE/MAX agents connect my name with the Boulder market and it doesn’t cost anything.”

3. Don’t miss the R4 Global Referral Exchange

“This is your chance to build a global network in one setting,” Duggan says. “When I travel to other parts of the world, I love stopping in at RE/MAX offices of someone I met at the convention.”

4. Keep coming back to R4

“Many agents make the mistake of going to R4 just once, but just like anything else, your network is something you build up over time. If you go five years and give out 1,000 business cards each time, that’s 5,000 business cards. You’ll start seeing referrals because of it.”

Plus, returning the to the RE/MAX convention helps maintain the connections you make. “These connections are friendships. It’s not just about business. R4 is like a reunion when you see friends you’ve made over the years.”



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