R4 Opening Session Highlights ‘The Greatest Network on Earth’

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RE/MAX, competing from a position of strength, is focused on delivering more value to agents and brokers through tools, training and technology.

That was the clear message RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos delivered to more than 6,000 energized RE/MAX Affiliates at the 2019 R4 convention in Las Vegas. Speaking at the event’s Opening General Session on Tuesday, Contos reminded attendees from over 60 countries that RE/MAX remains No. 1 in residential transaction sides globally.

“We lead the industry because of you. Nobody in the world sells more real estate than RE/MAX,” said Contos, adding that the brand keeps evolving to enhance its advantages. “We’re innovating and shifting to meet the needs of our agents, Broker/Owners and consumers.”

Technology has been a major theme throughout R4, and it certainly drew attention at the opening session. The rollout of the new RE/MAX booj platform will begin this summer, and Contos emphasized the importance of agents and brokers in the development process.

The RE/MAX booj products are being developed by RE/MAX agents for RE/MAX agents, he said, noting that hundreds of RE/MAX affiliates have provided valuable insight to the team of nearly 100 tech developers at booj, the award-winning tech firm acquired by RE/MAX, LLC a year ago.

Get a Sense of the Action From the OGS in Las Vegas
Here’s a Facebook Live clip of the first 10 minutes …

The initial phase of the full data-powered ecosystem, in alpha testing now, will include a game-changing CRM; agent, office and team websites; a mobile CRM app and much more.

“I’m very excited about booj, and I can’t wait for the new tools being developed,” said Ashley Wilson, a Broker Associate with RE/MAX Properties in Colorado Springs, Colorado. “I think we need an all-encompassing system like that.”

RE/MAX marketing tools continue to grow more strategic and social-friendly, Contos said. A new resource, he noted, has enabled agents to create over 30,000 15-second video clips tying their personal brands to the 2019 national ad campaign.

“It’s another tool to make keeping active on digital and social a little easier for you,” Contos said.

The CEO also talked about major expansion plans for RE/MAX University, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary of its forbearer, the RE/MAX Satellite Network. The plan includes 20 new content pieces translated into five languages, including Spanish, Portuguese, French, Chinese and Korean; a greater emphasis on Momentum professional development; and a new, comprehensive Teams Learning Track.

“The main thing for me is knowing we have the best tools in the industry,” said Gregorio Paz, Manager of RE/MAX Partner in Santiago, Chile. “The ability to create a video and easily upload it is very interesting.”

Tools, technology and training are important, Contos said, but they’re not as critical as the main thing driving RE/MAX forward – its people.

“You’re the heart and soul of RE/MAX,” Contos told the Sales Associates and Broker/Owners. “You’re what makes this the greatest real estate network on the planet. We have the tools, the technology and the training, but most importantly we have you. Together, we will do more. And together we’ll ensure that everybody wins.”

Other Opening General Session highlights:
Other Opening General Session highlights:

Attendees were captivated by CMN Hospitals Miracle Child Makenna Schwab, a poised, vivacious 14-year-old born with the joints in her body disconnected. She shared a story not only of medical hardship, but of dedication to the mission of Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and raising funds and awareness for others.

QuoteWhat you guys do is amazing. Thank you so much,” she told the audience, which had given her a rousing ovation.”

The RE/MAX culture of caring extended to featured speaker Marcus Lemonis, star of the hit TV show, “The Profit.” Lemonis, who was born in an orphanage in Beirut, Lebanon, and adopted by an American family when he was nine months old, talked about growing up in Miami feeling invisible and hopeless.

Quote(In your role as Realtors), you all have the ability to make people feel important, and not invisible,” he said. “You have the ability – and it’s a grave responsibility – to give someone the opportunity to buy their first house.”

In a stirring, emotional talk with the audience, Lemonis explored and illustrated the importance of listening, caring and having empathy for people. He urged the crowd to be vulnerable, honest and open – in order to connect.

QuoteIn business, the biggest edge you have is yourself,” Lemonis said. “(The RE/MAX) infrastructure gives you a better chance to succeed. But what you do with it is up to you.”

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