4 Ways R4 Can Change Your Life

REMAX R4 Convention: Paul Wells

Innovation. Relationships. Energy to conquer the next level.

That’s what keeps Paul Wells, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX of Barrington in Illinois, coming back to the RE/MAX R4 Convention (he’s been to 15 – and counting!). Here’s how the annual event impacts his business.

1. What are your top reasons for attending R4?

REMAX R4: Paul Wells
Paul Wells

There are three things it helps me with.

First, it provides me energy. Many agents kid themselves by saying, ‘I went to a convention, I’m done, knock it off the list.’ Not going to the convention each year is like saying you put fuel in your car last year. R4 always re-energizes me.

Second, it brings new ideas. Innovation and new ideas are created on the floor of R4. There’s a synergy created by everyone being together that helps shape the next year, and even the next generation of agents. As an R4 attendee, you become a part of that and you take the new ideas and run with them for your business.

The next is referrals. You get the opportunity to cultivate relationships with people from all over the world. The power of that is phenomenal not only from the standpoint of income, but also from the standpoint of influence. You have the ability to help the guy who moved to Madrid, Spain, or a woman moving to Portland, Oregon. Very few companies provide the ability to build these kinds of relationships on a one-to-one, individual basis.

2. What part of R4 do you find most valuable?

I’m a firm believer that if I’m going to spend the time attending something, I’m going to suck everything I can out of it. I take 60 pages of notes at R4. The well of knowledge is just unlimited. Many times it’s not just about business. I think R4 helps you grow as a human being. I really walk away with 10 things that will change my life over the next year.

Personally, I’m a front-row guy at the sessions. It holds me accountable. Sitting in the front row helps you stay connected to the speaker. I need to be focused and learning as much as I can. After the session I’ll go up and shake their hand and we’ll keep talking. There’s always an extra piece of wisdom you take away from talking to the speakers one-on-one.

3. What do you hope to get out of R4 this year?

I’m going for high octane fuel. I want some energy. I want to hear where the leadership is going to take us, where we are going that makes us different. Each time I go to be resold on RE/MAX so I can resell the brand to my teams and my clients. It’s one of the best things I do all year.

What I want is to be a step ahead of my competition. At the convention, the speakers bring insight on not only what’s going on with RE/MAX, but what’s going on with the industry. If I can come back with a few more tools, I win. Of course, I only win if I use those tools. When I go to R4, I might write down 75 things. I focus on three first, and when I get those things done I focus on the next.

4. What are your tips for someone attending R4 for the first time?

Check out the entertainment right at the MGM Grand. This year the Welcome Reception is back at Topgolf! Even if you don’t golf, it’s a riot. And it’s literally a walk from the MGM Grand. Definitely worth checking out! Also at the MGM Grand is KA, the best show I’ve seen in years. If you haven’t seen that, wow is all I can say!

And take some time to enjoy the food. Vegas is changing all the time and there’s always a new restaurant to try. One of my favorites is a Cajun restaurant in downtown Vegas that’s unreal. It’s in a strip mall so you don’t know what to expect, but the food is amazing!



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