Built for Agents, Alongside Agents: The RE/MAX booj Platform Previewed at R4

“Our strategy is to serve the industry’s most productive agents by providing technology that saves them time, connects them to buyers and sellers, helps them leverage the brand and its many competitive advantages, and ultimately enables them to be even more productive and successful.” – RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos


More than 6,000 Affiliates at the 2019 RE/MAX R4 convention received their first look at the new, highly anticipated RE/MAX productivity suite designed to maximize client interactions and minimize time spent on the computer. The custom-built RE/MAX booj Platform features cutting-edge technology developed for and alongside RE/MAX agents.

Almost a year to the day after announcing the RE/MAX acquisition of booj, an award-winning real estate tech company, RE/MAX CEO Adam Contos took the R4 stage again to unveil more exciting details about the ecosystem that will streamline the digital experience for Affiliates and consumers.

“This is just the beginning,” Contos told the rapt crowd during Tuesday’s Opening General Session. “Our future vision is to build the foundation and leverage tech to connect consumers to RE/MAX agents and deliver the best experience possible.

“It’s about keeping people engaged so that your customers today remain your customers tomorrow.”

Created to Strengthen

At the core of the new RE/MAX booj Platform is its CRM, built to help experienced, top-producing agents – those found at RE/MAX offices in the more than 110 countries and territories where RE/MAX has a presence ­– nurture client relationships with personalization and real-time engagement. Unlike most CRM products available to agents today, its scope extends beyond basic internet lead generation (though it includes that too).

“This is a customer relationship management system powered by data, where agents can manage both their people and properties and have access to a broad variety of useful marketing tools,” said Jerry Modes, RE/MAX Senior Vice President of IT. “We want to help agents cultivate their existing relationships and grow their sphere of influence.”

That direction is already resonating with the RE/MAX network.

“I honestly believe RE/MAX will have the best CRM on the market,” said product alpha tester Nate Martinez with RE/MAX Professionals in Arizona. “I am excited about the feel and functionality of the product; It’s intuitive and easy to use.

“I’m a relationship guy, and I believe in building strong relationships with my database of contacts,” he continued. “The software will save agents time and money and be an enhancement over the products they are using now.”

Also included in the tech ecosystem are fully customizable agent-, team- and office-branded websites, an agent-branded property search app, tools for marketing, lead generation, management and cultivation, and transaction management integrations. And that’s just the start.

RE/MAX R4 attendees get a preview of the upcoming RE/MAX booj platform.

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Constructed to Evolve

In mid-summer 2019, when the RE/MAX booj Platform begins its rollout to Affiliates, the foundation for future RE/MAX technology will have been laid.

From there, it will continue to be built upon.

The nearly 100 full-time booj developers, engineers and strategists are able to quickly pivot and adjust the platform as consumer and Affiliate needs shift. Given its iterative nature, the entire ecosystem will evolve to best help agents and brokers streamline their work, from lead to post-close. By bringing the best tech in-house, RE/MAX agents are now better able to exceed consumer expectations with more speed, flexibility and control ­– all with one platform.

“I’m thrilled to see RE/MAX investing in technology,” said Michael Thorne with RE/MAX Little Oak Realty in Fort Langley, British Columbia, in a video filmed prior to R4. “It’s vital that we leverage technology in the right way. Not to get between ourselves and the clients, but in a way that allows us to connect, engage and serve our clients in a more meaningful way. I have a feeling booj is going to help us do just that.”

Developed to Engage

In total, R4 attendees have more than 20 opportunities to test the products, ask questions and provide feedback – primarily through the four RU in-booth product station kiosks, five educational main sessions, six hands-on innovation station sessions and six mini sessions dedicated to the RE/MAX booj Platform. Attendees are also able to affect the platform’s future design by participating in live website user testing with the Tobii eye-tracking machine, which can be found at the in-booth product station.

“This platform is built with our Affiliates top of mind. That’s why Affiliate input has been valuable to the development process,” said Ido Zucker, Senior Vice President of Development, booj. “The feedback received through the alpha testing phase already has had a meaningful impact on the direction of the tools.”

Based on user feedback in alpha testing – which had a participation rate twice the tech industry standard – the design of and terminology used in the RE/MAX booj Platform has already been heavily influenced by the RE/MAX network. So far, the platform has been deemed “easy to use” by 90 percent of respondents.

“I can already tell that the RE/MAX booj Platform is going to help us be more efficient, scale our business and become even more engaged with our clients – past, present and future,” Thorne said in the video.

Beta testing is scheduled to begin this spring.

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How can I be included in the Beta Testing phase of booj? I am a RE/MAX Agent for 10 years and I do both Residential and Commercial sales and leasing. I currently use Contactually, which I understand will be going away soon. I’d like to do one transition to booj if possible.
My background is in IT, so I could be very helpful with testing the product and enhancing it from an agents perspective.
Please advise either way. Looking forward to booj!
Thanks, Eileen

Hi Eileen. Thank you for your interest! Your request has been submitted to the Beta Testing team for the RE/MAX booj platform.

Hi. I am also interested in inclusion in the Beta testing for the booj platform if that is possible. I have been an agent for 6+ years and also have a strong knowledge of CRM dev and implementation. I look forward to assisting if possible. Thank you.

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, the team is no longer taking applications for Beta Testing. As we near rollout, there will be additional opportunities to learn more and provide product feedback. Please keep an eye out for more information and participate if you’re able. Thanks again.

Thank you for your interest! Unfortunately, the team is no longer taking applications for Beta Testing. As we near rollout, there will be additional opportunities to learn more and provide product feedback. Please keep an eye out for more information, and participate if you’re able. Thanks again.

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