RE/MAX Italy Proudly Celebrates 20 Years

August 2016
To celebrate its 20th Anniversary, RE/MAX Italy chose the East End Studios, a prestigious location in Milan to be transformed into the “HOUSE OF RE/MAX!” on June 23rd and 24th. East End Studios is an avant-garde event venue born from the architectural restoration of buildings once used for airplane construction. Today the space is rented by television companies for TV sets or by big companies for events and advertising.

The amazing venue was, however, just the backdrop for the extensive content offered to the more than 700 attendees — our largest convention to date. We had the great honor to host Chairman and Co-Founder RE/MAX Europe, Frank Polzler, along with his son Michael Polzler, managing director RE/MAX Europe. The father and son were interviewed by Dario Castiglia, regional director of RE/MAX Italy. The emotional yet light-hearted conversation covered the long friendship and mutual esteem between Dario, Frank and Michael and about what they expect from the future, in the next 20 years and more!


Another special guest highlighting the convention was Umberto Pelizzari, an Italian freediver – widely considered among the best of all times. Of his era, he is the sole person to have established world records in all the then existing disciplines of freediving.

Keynote speaker Sergio Borra, master trainer at Dale Carnegie Italia, explained to our Affiliates how to become a market leader, and Gianni Ferrario, led an Interactive Performance: RE/MAX = Recharge the Energy to gIve the MAXimums. Hundreds of Affiliates were inducted into the Hall of Fame and the new One Million Club for production, recruiting and growth including pioneers, veteran agents and Brokers.

Many years ago Dave Liniger told Dario Castiglia: “Dario, go and tell people the story of RE/MAX, I’m sure they will follow you.” Today we all have a story to tell, and we should tell it more often.

27403028114_4e6ac633da_kAlso in commemoration of this monumental anniversary, RE/MAX Italy created a short film outlining the story of Dario’s family, since the beginning, to recover the most salient moments in his life that directed him, his family, partners, colleagues and associates towards the outstanding results we can see today in Italy, thanks to the RE/MAX brand.

“I’m so proud of the progress that has been made until now,” said Dario Castiglia. “It is the direct result of a global hard work made during these 20 years, the efforts to build a solid company made of entrepreneurial people, who have never stopped believing that it would have been possible … ” This documentary also contains testimonials from affiliates, broker and agents who joined RE/MAX in 1996, as well as partners who helped make it happen.

After 20 years, the balance is more than positive. We are truly a company demonstrating record numbers, especially in the last two years. In 2015, we signed 75 franchising agreements – up 66.7% over 2014. The consolidated sales volume by the end of June was 19.584.096 Euros – up 49.74% over 2015. We have reached more than 1,758 agents – up 34 percent over 2015. And the number of offices was 307 at the end of June – up 29.41 percent over last year in the same period. The results are all impressive.

“I hope that all of us will continue to write this amazing story,” says Dario Castiglia. “And after a few years, we will look back and consider this moment a mere stage of an extraordinary journey – an extraordinary undertaking that will have changed for the better and forever the real estate market in Italy and with it, the lives of thousands of people and families.”27403340144_71ae616d63_k

Dario Castiglia received many thanks after the convention, but one, above all, particularly impressed him. It was written by one of our Pioneer Agents who joined RE/MAX twenty years ago: Fabio Dei Rossi of RE/MAX Magenta, Milan. He wrote: “I’ve never missed a convention but the emotion I experienced this year is beyond words. I felt a general awareness that we all are part of something truly special that is revolutionizing a working sector of our country and especially our lives. And the best thing is that this awareness has been manifested primarily by colleagues who joined RE/MAX many years after me. This convention, the short film about RE/MAX of Italy and Dario’s story, the content and the keynote speakers who talked during the convention … Everything from this emotional event has further strengthen the idea that RE/MAX has been the best possible choice that an entrepreneur can make to grow and grant a flourishing future to his/her family.”

A Note From Our Regional Director

In conclusion, we all know that there is still much to be done, the best is yet to come and, certainly, in the coming years something epic will happen. The most difficult years are now part of history.

Our mission is becoming the largest and most innovative real estate network in Italy, with highly qualified agents able to offer excellent services to their customers.

I thank all my staff, partners, family and RE/MAX Affiliates, without whom I would never have been able to reach this goal.

Dario Castiglia
Regional Director and Co-Founder RE/MAX Italy


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