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Malta is a southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. Just 50 miles south of Italy, the country covers 122 square miles, with a population of just under 450,000. It is one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries.

Thirteen years ago, when founding brothers, Kevin and Jeffrey Buttigieg and their father, Joe, sought to bring an American real estate franchise into their country of Malta, they were told that they were dreaming and that it would never work. Many told them they were outright crazy, but they were defiant with their vision to revolutionise their island real estate market.

Today, they are celebrating yet another accolade in their ever-growing list of global awards: the prestigious title of ‘Global Region of the Year.’

Their humble beginnings started in a small seaside office in St. Julian’s in Malta with the brothers, their father, three agents and a general manager. They anticipated they would reach a maximum of eight offices and 40 to 50 agents, but today the company has grown to 21 opened offices with more than 330 agents. They have a bold plan to open yet another six offices during 2017–2018 and extend their network of agents to 450 – one agent for every one thousand persons in Malta.

remax malta Buttigieg brothers
The Buttigieg brothers accept their award at R4.

Speaking after the win, the Malta Region’s co-founder and CEO Kevin Buttigieg said, “We are delighted and honoured to accept the Global Region of the Year Award. Although Malta is a small country, we have proven once again that the RE/MAX business model works, wherever you are in the world and whatever the population.”

This accolade is the latest in a series for the district, including ‘European Region of the Year’ just in January. In 2013, the Malta branch was also presented with the ‘European Award for Excellence,’ while one of their offices was recognised for making the most transactions completed by a single office during the same year in a metro market.

Cherton Caruana, an agent working from one of their offices in St. Julian’s, was recognised with the Global award for most transactions completed by an individual. An amazing feat for such a small market.

COO Jeff Buttigieg attributes this steady upward trajectory for RE/MAX Malta to the unique training system, strong marketing, a unique ownership model and a support network available to sales associates. “We know that investing in our agents and empowering them with the right tools to advance their career with us directly impacts the overall success of the company. Through specialized training, we help them help us, and our customers.”

The RE/MAX Malta Real Estate Academy was set up in 2008 to further enhance the education of all agents at the various stages of their real estate career. Eminent trainer and speaker Paul Vincenti was exclusively hired to lead a bespoke trilogy of courses suited to the Maltese market, while the integration of an online training platform adds to the agents’ knowledge base, alongside an advancement program compiled by internationally renowned real estate coach Tom Ferry. This unprecedented investment by RE/MAX Malta into training produces agents who are potential experts in all the industry fundamentals and in delivering high quality customer care.

The ongoing success of the award-winning region is also down to its understanding of the local market. Operating in a strategic manner, sales associates specialize in their own niche markets instead of taking a more generalized approach. The move focuses the agent solely on their specific area so they can stay one step ahead of the dynamic changes frequently occurring in a buyers’ or sellers’ market.

Inspired by the geography and social structure of Malta and Gozo, real estate agents may also be dedicated to a certain type of buyer, be they first-time buyers, second-time buyers, retirees, property investors or those interested in the fast-growing luxury market. Alternatively, they may choose to focus on a type of property, such as houses of character, penthouses or apartments, or instead target a specific number of towns in a geographical area.

We know that investing in our agents and empowering them with the right tools to advance their career with us directly impacts the overall success of the company. Through specialized training, we help them help us, and our customers.Jeff Buttigieg

Malta is increasingly becoming a destination of interest for business on an international level. Due to its limited resources, the Government of Malta is attracting International companies, high net worth individuals and highly qualified persons to their shores through strategic schemes that tie in real estate sales to benefits that are received. This has contributed greatly to the steady economic growth registered in Malta over the years and has had an influence on the land flourishing real estate market.

With this latest recognition for the region of ‘Global Region of the Year,’ RE/MAX Malta is clearly showcasing that the RE/MAX brand is adaptable to many different markets regardless of culture, size or location. Stay tuned to this space – the Maltese have very big plans, and we won’t doubt we’ll see them taking home many additional awards in the years to come.

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