RE/MAX Chile, New and Improved

With a well-defined mission, RE/MAX Chile marches into a new era

By Katie Lambert, CEO Regional Operations Manager, RE/MAX Chile

As you begin reading this article, we kindly ask that you relax your face and try to maintain a completely neutral facial expression for a few seconds. How do you feel? Next, put the biggest smile on your face. Now how do you feel? The positive change and optimism you might have felt is the same feeling RE/MAX Chile has recently experienced. It is truly amazing what positive change can do for you and your company.

In November 2014, RE/MAX Chile embarked on a journey to build a strong foundation for the future, aligned by a vision, accountability and focus on what our business is and how we do it.

As a company what did we need to change to turn good into great? Aside from the brand, which is the cornerstone of what we do and ties us all together, we needed to change everything – to build a family of agents, brokers and regional staff prepared to work hard as a team to achieve our vision and goals. Through our actions, words and beliefs, we needed to stand together to provide our customers with the best service possible when assisting them with their real estate needs. To do this, we created a vision: Through growth and teamwork with our Brokers and Sales Associates we will change the Real Estate Industry in Chile so that everybody wins.

The mission, beliefs and values of RE/MAX Chile are very similar to those of RE/MAX LLC, and when combined with our vision, everyone works together so that everyone wins. This is not a coincidence. We are one company – one global team – driving the real estate industry.

Taking the Time to Do It Right

How did we do it? We would love to tell you that the positive change in RE/MAX Chile was easy and quick. However, that would be untrue. Over a period of approximately two years, we changed the company’s culture, knowledge level and ethics through positive leadership and perseverance to continuously uphold the vision of the company and move toward our long-term goals. Every action taken and decision made was with the end result in mind. We focused on what was true and helpful to achieve our success. Removing distractions and negativity was critical to our positive change. At times, you need to make difficult and emotional decisions, but in order to achieve your ultimate goals, they are necessary steps towards positive change.

By adding 30 new franchises in the last two years, RE/MAX Chile built a strong foundation by effectively restarting the region from scratch. We continually strengthen the network by awarding new franchises to brokers that we feel have the right mindset and work ethic to uphold the company’s values and beliefs. We are extremely grateful to find the best of the best that Chile has to offer to be a part of our team. We have refocused and built the company on our love for the RE/MAX brand and the concept of an agent-centric company. As the RE/MAX slogan states, “Outstanding Agents. Outstanding Results.”

A Custom Approach to Change

In addition to running the tried-and-tested RE/MAX programs, RE/MAX Chile created new custom training programs. We created the “Welcome Training for Brokers and Agents” that provides valuable information to brokers and agents to kick-start their business in the right way. We implemented some of the traditional training programs, which include “FIRE/UP” for agents and brokers, in addition to the newest program “Momentum.” We translated numerous materials, including Momentum, for our region, as knowledge helps us all to evolve and be better. In conjunction, we host special events, which can be anything from guest speakers on real estate topics to networking events. The big events for RE/MAX Chile are the Agent Day, Annual Convention and Annual Broker Retreat, where the focus is always on positive mindset and educational tools to help our brokers and agents run their businesses efficiently and effectively.

The other major change to ensure success was to rewrite the RE/MAX Chile Code of Ethics and Policies. The real estate industry in Chile is not a recognized or regulated industry so we created our Code of Ethics and Policies as a playbook to follow. This is a resource to which everyone in RE/MAX Chile is held accountable, and it is the cornerstone of our mindset and how we interact with each other on a daily basis.

RE/MAX Chile is building a family, and we take great pride in our newest members and value our oldest. We are all one team that wants to make sure when someone has real estate needs, they turn to a RE/MAX Agent because our agents care about our clients. RE/MAX Chile has transformed, and we continue to evolve for the better each day. We believe we are well on our way to great things. RE/MAX Chile is an example of a massive course correction and tremendous change – both of which benefit everyone involved. Each and every one of us has the ability to create change; you are only limited by your imagination.


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