Relo Secrets from a Hall of Famer

Relocating clients are lucky to have Amy Jurek by their side

By Amy Reinink

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After spending years working as a corporate recruiter, Amy Jurek became a real estate agent and, in 2005, joined RE/MAX Advantage Plus in Savage, Minn. To drum up her first real estate clients, Jurek went with what she knew and called on her prior experience. She began courting corporations in the Twin Cities for their relocation referrals. Less than a decade later, Jurek is a top relocation agent and a member of the Platinum Club and RE/MAX Hall of Fame. She shares her insights on working with relocation clients.

Q: How did you find your first clients?

I called a lot of companies to introduce myself, explain what I do and outline my relocation experience. I told my contacts that I’d welcome their business if they were ever willing to send a relocating employee my way. It was old-school prospecting – nothing fancy.

Q: How do you meet clients’ needs during a long-distance transaction?

If a corporation has assigned me a transferee to work with, the more I can update that transferee about where we are in the process, the better. I don’t send an email every day, but I send an update with clear and specific bullet points every time there’s news to report. I also communicate regularly with the company and let them know if I see any red flags.

Q: What’s the relocation agent’s key role?

I read a statistic once that a corporate relocation is one of the top five stressful events someone can go through in life. When relocating clients pick up the phone to call me, I’m among 15 different vendors they’re talking to that day, from the moving company rep to the loan officer to their new boss. They’re not sure about the community, the schools, the commuting times, the weather. People can Google the heck out of whatever questions they have, but clients really appreciate having an agent who’s steady, knowledgeable and able to provide answers. If you can be that person, you’ll win hearts and get referrals.

Q: What’s unique about relocating versus making a local move?

I’ll have a corporate recruit come in on Thursday for an interview, and then I’ll spend all day Friday and Saturday showing him homes before he leaves on Sunday. When that happens, you have to push the rest of your business, not to mention your social and family life, aside. You have to work with people’s travel and work schedules. But it’s very rewarding. Most of the people I work with are highly educated clients who need a value-added Realtor. If you can step up to the plate and deliver that, it’s a great industry.


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