RE/MAX Countdown: Your 10 Favorite Tim McGraw Songs

Y’all sure seem to love Tim McGraw. The video announcing the 2019 R4 Fun Night performer now has more than 28,000 views on Facebook. And don’t forget the meet and greet with the country mega-star that went for $10,000 during an auction at the 2018 BOC.

So even though we’re still three months out from R4 (which means you still have time to register), why not pull out your dancin’ boots early? We asked RE/MAX agents on ABOVE and Facebook to tell us their favorite Tim McGraw songs. The final list includes some of his career-defining hits and a few surprises worth looking up.

And while compiling this list, we also found a few Tim tidbits to drop at your networking happy hours in Vegas.

Listen to the full list on Spotify.

10. It’s Your Love (1997)
A classic love ballad and duet with McGraw’s wife of more than 20 years, Faith Hill.

9. Touchdown Jesus (2012)
The most upbeat song you’ll ever hear about conquering personal demons.

8. Truck Yeah (2012)
Is Tim rapping in this song? Let’s debate.

7. Real Good Man (2002)
For his seventh studio album (where this song appears), McGraw made the uncommon choice to record with his road band The Dancehall Doctors instead of hiring studio musicians.

6. Indian Outlaw (1994)
The hit that made Tim a household name may have some controversy, but is also worth a listen for featuring a drum, fiddle and electric guitar solo. Somehow this eclectic mash up of instruments works.

5. Don’t Take the Girl (1994)
A tear-jerker that had McGraw crying all the way to his first No. 1 (at current count, he now has 16).

4. If You’re Reading This (2007)
McGraw debuted this song during the Academy of Country Music Awards in 2007. The track, a tribute to the sacrifices made by military members fighting overseas, was so popular that radios began playing a recording of the live performance before it was officially released.

3. Humble and Kind, 2015
No matter how high you rise in the Club Awards, always stay humble and kind. The most popular write-in choice!

2. I Like It, I Love It (1995)
A perfect song for dancing with your sweetheart, and catchy enough that we’ll let “I throwed out my arm” slide.

1. Live Like You Were Dying (2004)
After a life-changing diagnosis, a man learns not to take anything for granted.



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