RE/MAX Celebrates 25 Years of Innovation in Real Estate Education

The need for accessible real estate education led to the industry’s most competitive education platform.

By Mary-Kate Newton and George White | Nov 05, 2019

RE/MAX University (RU) began with the revolutionary vision of RE/MAX Co-Founder Dave Liniger, who in 1994 was driven to raise the standard by making training and education available to everyone in the RE/MAX network. His audacious moves in pursuit of that goal sparked a quarter-century of RE/MAX leading the industry in real estate education.

RU’s predecessor, the RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN) debuted with a bang at the National Association of Realtors convention in November 1994. Throughout the three-day trade show in Anaheim, California, crowds gathered around the RE/MAX booth, mesmerized by what was essentially a TV studio in full production mode. Industry leaders sat down for interviews, a news team spoke to onlookers, and an army of technicians recorded everything on state-of-the-art TV equipment.

It was part business and part spectacle, in true Liniger (and RE/MAX) fashion. There was nothing remotely like it in the industry; the technological disruption raised educational standards and created a massive new competitive advantage for RE/MAX. And it started by literally disrupting the NAR exhibit hall.

“With RSN, RE/MAX made a loud, bold statement that was heard by everyone in the industry: ‘We’re investing in helping agents develop their skills easily and conveniently,” says Amy Somerville, RE/MAX Senior Vice President of Professional Development. “We wanted to lead the industry in professional education and, more importantly, educated professionals. And it happened.


Digital evolution

To feed the RSN system, RE/MAX World Headquarters in Denver built its own TV studio and partnered with the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Council of Residential Specialists (CRS), the Real Estate Buyer’s Agency Council (REBAC) and others to deliver education directly to television screens in RE/MAX offices. Gone were the days (and expense) of taking time away from business – driving across town or across the state to a cramped hotel ballroom – to take a class and earn a designation. Brokerages built huge collections of recorded RSN content available to their agents any time. Agents often gathered to take a class together or watch live RSN coverage of a special event.

In 2005, as the world became more digital, RSN evolved into RE/MAX University and the platform moved from TV to the internet. The floodgates of 24-7 content, available online and from almost anywhere, were open.

“Anything we do next, it will be building on the strength of our 25 years…”-Amy Somerville

The transition was seamless, and RU quickly built on the foundation RSN had laid. Today, RU boasts over 70 designations, certifications and courses and more than 1,000 online educational videos. It offers exclusive rates and partnerships with coaching programs, libraries of Affiliate videos, Momentum – a mission-based system for brokers to transform their operations and help their agents increase achievement – and much more.

“The real estate industry is constantly changing, and if agents aren’t constantly looking to be innovative in the space, they know they’ll be left in the dust,” says Somerville.

Just like the learning-based agents it empowers, Somerville says, “RE/MAX and RU are always innovating, creating new content and looking at what’s next.”

As far as what’s around the corner for this education powerhouse, Somerville points to activating the global reach of the RE/MAX network. From creating content in multiple languages, to holding live trainings in some of the 110-plus countries and territories RE/MAX is present in, Somerville says RU is as devoted as ever to bringing real estate education to everyone.

“I really think that through education, we can bring the world together,” Somerville says. “Anything we do next, it will be building on the strength of our 25 years, and continuing to empower anyone with an entrepreneurial spirit, no matter where they are or what stage of their career, they’re in.”

As we celebrate the 25th anniversary of RE/MAX University (RU), take a walk down Memory Lane! This article first appeared in the January/February 1995 edition of the RE/MAX Times newspaper showcasing the 1994 launch of RE/MAX Satellite Network (RSN), RU’s predecessor.

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Reflections on RU


Kim Hawkins, Manager, RE/MAX Alliance in Colorado

“When I think about RE/MAX, I think about a commitment to education. If there is ever a brand that is committed to education, it is RE/MAX. No other brand has a channel like this for continuing education and for earning designations on their own time. When agents use RU and educate themselves, it’s an investment in their career and their profession.”


Kristen Jones, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Around Atlanta Realty in Georgia

“Looking ahead, it is great to see how RU has evolved over the last 25 years, and I am excited to see where it goes over the next 25. RU has always been a place to go for more info on a skill set or tool. I have used it to obtain a designation. As a broker, I send both new and experienced agents to RU to help them develop. We fully embraced Momentum at the brokerage level and used it to define our value prop, obtain clarity on who we are and who our customer is and to consult with and develop our agents.”


Duane Duggan, Manager, RE/MAX of Boulder Inc in Colorado

“RU creates a platform for RE/MAX agents to welcome change and embrace it, rather than fear it. RE/MAX has always had a commitment to providing agents with the education to be the best of the best. Having a lengthy history of commitment shows that RE/MAX will continue to support the longtime agents and boost the careers of newer agents.”



Kendall Bonner, Broker/Owner, RE/MAX Capital Realty in Florida

RU reaching its 25th anniversary reminds me that growth is a constant evolution. As education and tech changes, RU changes. That in and of itself is a model of what we all need to be in pursuit of growth.”



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