Your Chance to Shine: RE/MAX Awards and Recognition at R4

The RE/MAX R4 Convention is not only a fantastic networking and educational opportunity, it’s also a time to celebrate the incredible talent and larger-than-life personalities of the RE/MAX network. RE/MAX Awards recognize achievements of Affiliates during the previous calendar year, as well as their continuous commitment to clients.

Did you earn an award in 2018? Congratulations! Here’s everything you need to know about awards at R4.

Q: What awards does RE/MAX give out?

A: Awards fall into three groups:
Club Awards – Recognizing Sales Associates and Team Leaders based on commission earnings in a given year. Club Award trophies for the 100% Club and above are presented at R4 award events. Executive Club trophies are not available at R4.
Career Awards – Recognizing Sales Associates based on cumulative earnings while with the RE/MAX network. All Career Award trophies are presented during the Best of RE/MAX Awards Celebration at R4.
Special Awards – Recognizing Sales Associates, Broker/Owners, Regional Leaders and others in a variety of categories (production, growth, service and more). Special Awards are presented at R4 during the Special Awards luncheon.

A full list of awards can be found in the official awards brochure.

Q: How will I know if I won an award?

A:  The timing can vary depending on the award. If you’ve achieved a Club Award level (either as an Individual or as a Team Leader), your status will be updated in your online profile by the second week of February. If you’ve earned a Career Award, you’ll be notified within 30-90 days of reaching the tenure and production requirements.

The final Top 10 and Top 5 Affiliates aren’t announced until the Special Awards Luncheon, but will be contacted to attend R4 by the second week of February.

There are also three Special Awards that are determined through a nomination process. Those are: Distinguished Service, Broker/Owner of the Year and Manager of the Year. These recipients are notified that they’ve won a Special Award, but which one is kept a secret until the Special Awards Luncheon.

Q: When will the final Top 100 lists be released?

A: The final Top 100 List is published in the Special R4 Edition of the RE/MAX Update, which is sent the Wednesday of R4. The final Top 5 and Top 10 Individuals are announced during the Special Awards Luncheon.

Q: Which RE/MAX Awards event should I attend?

A: There are three award events at R4: the Special Awards Luncheon, the 100% Club Recognition Luncheon (new this year: 100% Club Award recipients will be invited on stage to accept their award) and the Best of RE/MAX Awards Celebration. This chart illustrates which event you can attend to receive your award. Of course, you can always pick up your trophy at the Trophy Booth in the Approved Supplier Marketplace.

Q: I’m part of an award-winning team. How will we be recognized at R4?

A: Team Club Awards are awarded to Team Leaders in recognition of the entire team’s success. Although only the Team Leader receives a trophy at R4, all Team Members are invited to take the stage. Additional Team Club Award trophies for Team Members can be purchased at

Only Team Club Awards for the 100% Club and above are presented at R4.

Team Members are also eligible for Individual Club Awards based on their production for the year. All Individual Club Award winners for the 100% Club and above are invited to accept their award on stage at the appropriate event or they can pick up their trophy in the awards booth in the Marketplace.

Here is a helpful FAQ with more information about Team Awards.

Q: Do I need a ticket to attend award events?

A: Yes. If you are receiving an award at the Special Awards Luncheon, your ticket is complimentary. Otherwise you – and any of your guests – will need to purchase a ticket for any of the three award events: the Special Awards Luncheon, 100% Club Recognition Luncheon, and the Best of RE/MAX Awards Celebration.

For more details on the RE/MAX Award and Recognition Program, read the official awards brochure.

Club Award Levels

Club Awards recognize the total gross commission income for Individual Sales Associates or Teams during the previous calendar year. The threshold for each Club Award remains the same for both Teams and Individuals.

  • RE/MAX Awards: Executive Club Award


    $50,000 to $99,999 in gross commissions

  • RE/MAX Awards: 100 Percent Club Award

    100% CLUB

    $100,000 to $249,999 in gross commissions

  • RE/MAX Awards: Platinum Club Award


    $250,000 to $499,999 in gross commissions

  • RE/MAX Awards: Chairman's Club Award


    $500,000 to $749,999 in gross commissions

  • RE/MAX Awards: Titan Club Award


    $750,000 to $999,999 in gross commissions

  • RE/MAX Awards: Diamond Club Award


    $1 million+ in gross commissions



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Does corporate have our cumulative commissions for the career awards from the time we start at Re/MAX or are we responsible for knowing and keeping those records on an individual basis personally?

Yes, at RE/MAX LLC we maintain the cumulative commissions for our agents. However, agents and offices are responsible for submitting their commissions. With up-to-date commission data, both the Membership team and the Awards team will be able to accurately recognize our Agents’ impressive efforts. – RE/MAX Awards team

Agents who are unable to attend R4 can purchase their trophy at All Club and Career suites are available year round, and are customized with nameplates shipped separately. – RE/MAX Awards team

I have One of my team member , that will be getting 100% club award, does he have to attend lunch to get the award or can he get can it at Best of RE/MAX Awards?

The team member can attend the 100% luncheon and get his or her trophy there. Or he or she can pick it up at the Best of RE/MAX Awards and hold it while they walk across the stage with you, should you both choose to attend. The third option is to pick it up at the Awards booth should you not wish to attend either.

When would #remax update the website showing the award an agent earned? Is there an email notification sent to us? I see agents from across US sharing their 2017 awards/ plaques on social media but I still have not heard from #remax. Please advise. Thank you.

Wondering About getting the 2017 Award. On my profile it says I was an award winner but have not gotten an email or heard anything about actually getting the physical award.

I am not going to R4 this year because of family committment. Can I still receive my award without attending the event?

I am a remax agent in 2 provinces in Quebec and in Ontario Canada. If i attend R4 will Remax give me a “totals” award for my yearly earnings in both provinces so i can get the “proper” award? As of now i have always been stuck receiving a award in each province that are therefore smaller and dont truly reflect my business. (Instead of being a 100% , i would fall in the Platinum club.)

Do you have a good description of the “Above the Crowd” Award? Is it given per region? How many people apply? I would like to be able to describe the award in more detail as I received it for 2018. The link takes me to but there isn’t a list or description. Thank you

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