R4 2017 Global Referral Exchange

Awards go out to the best table representations at R4 2017 Global Referral Exchange

At R4 2017, the Global Referral Exchange was, once again, a huge success! Tables filled with information about countries, markets and specific listings were only outdone by the noise, excitement and swag shared among the more than 2,000 attendees that networked during this ever-popular, three-hour showcase.

Everyone put so much effort, pride and creativity into their tables, and we would like to give special shout-outs to three regions who went above and beyond with theirs.

The winner of “Best Overall Table” was RE/MAX Philippines. They truly surpassed expectations with their table, embracing the spirit of their country by serving lots of delicious Filipino treats, handing out loads of giveaways and RE/MAX swag, plus everyone on their team was dressed head-to-toe in the national dress of the Philippines – Barong.

Best Overall Table Winners: RE/MAX Philippines

The two winners of “Best Representation of Your Country/Territory” were RE/MAX New Zealand and RE/MAX Mongolia.

The team of RE/MAX New Zealand was dressed in traditional Māori clothing and had a table-full of souvenirs from their homeland, including lots of blow-up kiwi birds!

Table winners: RE/MAX New Zealand, for best representation of their country

RE/MAX Mongolia’s team showed up with an amazing representation of their country, colorfully dressed wearing Deel, traditional clothing worn among the Mongols. They also had a number of takeaways, handing them out with big smiles on their faces!

Table winners: RE/MAX Mongolia, for best representation of their country.
Celebrating with Adele from the global team at RE/MAX Headquarters.

We thank you for all of your hard work and can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next year at the Global Referral Exchange!

“The Global Referral Exchange” is an annual event at the RE/MAX R4 Convention.  It’s scheduled for three hours on the Wednesday afternoon of convention week.  There are two ways to participate at the 2018 RE/MAX R4 Convention.

  1. Register for a table, and you’ll meet over 1,000 RE/MAX affiliates who want to learn more about your country, market and specific listings.  You’ll make new contacts and referral partners.  Everyone can register for a table, whether you’re from the U.S., Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Southern Africa, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Germany, or anywhere else in our RE/MAX network.
  2. Attend anytime throughout the three-hour event.  Visit with your fellow RE/MAX affiliates at each table or target specific countries or markets that are most important to you.

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