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Florida Associate Lynn Peters gives and gains by working with her local hospital

By Michael Antoniak
RE/MAX Associate Lynn Peters
Lynn Peters

Lynn Peters’ Friday afternoons are booked through winter, and they were booked through this past fall, too.

Peters, a Sales Associate with RE/MAX America’s Top Realty in Gulf Breeze, Florida, volunteers to drive candidates who are applying for the residency program at Pensacola’s Sacred Heart Memorial Hospital around town and show them the area. Sacred Heart’s children’s hospital is a Children’s Miracle Network Hospital.

“I love to volunteer my time in a way that helps the local hospital and our city,” Peters says.

The medical school graduates travel to Pensacola from all over the country to interview, often over several days, for the opportunity to join Sacred Heart Memorial’s residency program. As part of the hospital’s recruiting efforts, candidates are invited to take one of Peters’ tours.

“Her tours give us a competitive edge,” says Jenna Solice, coordinator of Sacred Heart’s internal medicine residency program. “Not many hospitals provide this option. It helps candidates get a feel for the city and area, and gives her a way to market herself to people who may end up living here.”

In essence, that’s the win-win rationale behind any cause marketing campaign. The community gains so much and so does Peters – both personally and professionally. She feels good about making a contribution and demonstrates her local expertise.

Her tours … help candidates get a feel for the city and area, and give her a way to market herself to people who may end up living here.Jenna Solice, coordinator of Sacred Heart’s internal medicine residency program

Peters picks up each candidate outside the hospital’s children’s wing on Friday afternoon. The tour itinerary includes cruising through downtown and along the beach. Popular neighborhoods and local housing are also always on of the agenda. From there, Peters customizes each tour based on the candidates’ interests.

“We talk about what they like to do and then concentrate on those areas,” she explains. “If they like golf, I take them to the golf courses. If they like sports, we’ll drive past the ballpark. Some people want to know about hip places to hang out and the concert venues.”

She also talks about housing trends, prices, sales and rentals.

“They know a lot about Pensacola after they’ve finished the tour,” Peters says. “It’s good information to help them decide if they’d enjoy working at the hospital and living here.”

Those who do make the move usually contact Peters about finding a place to call home.

“I’ve gotten a lot of business and referrals from these tours,” she says. “It’s been great for building relationships.”


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