PR Pro Tips: How To Track Trends for PR Opportunities

One of the best things about the holidays is driving around town to experience the many wonderful lights and decorations on display. Linda Greenwell of RE/MAX Champions discussed some of the most festive neighborhoods in Louisville while including additional color about each one in a segment titled, “Best holiday houses’ on WHAS-ABC TV. Linda Greenwell proved to be a reliable expert through her unique viewpoints on local neighborhoods and how they exemplified the holidays this season.

How to trend-track in your market and identify timely PR opportunities

You wouldn’t let a competitor pass you by when it comes to the latest industry trends, and the same should apply to how you think about media relations and PR for your business. Tracking trends that will be of interest to your local media doesn’t need to be hard or time-consuming!

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Cruise the News

Spend 30 minutes of your day reading the news. By regularly reading the websites, blogs and Twitter feeds that matter in your industry, it will help you stay up-to-date on what’s going on. It could be in the morning with coffee, or on your lunch break either way it will help you stay in the loop.

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Have Someone Looking When You Can’t

Google and Talkerwalker Alerts are easy-to-use tools that can keep an eye on the news while you are showing houses or writing up offers. Simply, type in key phrases such as, “housing trends,” “millennial homes,” that may be of interest to you and watch the news come in. You can set up the alerts to ping you once a day or once a week to ensure you are always receiving timely updates.

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Listen In

What are your friends, family and acquaintances are talking about? Is your daughter talking about the cool neighborhood all of her friends are moving to? Is your sister nuts about a new home viewing app? Listen, ask questions and you’re likely to spot trends in unexpected places.

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Watch Demographic Changes

Monitoring different generations’ buying and selling habits is a great way to capitalize on trends. If there has been an influx of millennial buyers in one area or Baby Boomers selling in another, those are great data points to leverage for PR.

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Competitor Consciousness

Most successful businesses don’t follow the crowd; they transform and innovate in order to stand out from their competitors. However, observation of your competitors can often give you a good picture of their market positioning and whether they are responding to a potential developing trend. By simply reviewing their website or perusing their social media presence it is possible to understand how you compare to your competitors and what you can do to emerge on top.

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