Beyond the Camera Phone: 13 Tips for Awesome Listing Visuals

Powerful photos and videos are key to marketing any listing. As more and more digital marketing companies start to specialize in real estate, it’s never been easier to create engaging content for a property.

RE/MAX Approved Suppliers share important things to keep in mind and their top tips.

DIY vs. Professionals


  1. “Homes marketed with professional photos sell for up to $11,200 more than homes marketed with DIY photos. And they sell up to three weeks faster.” – HouseLens
  1. “Producing quality visual content is time-consuming. For a 2,500-square-foot home, you can count on spending an hour at the property to do photos (more if you’re doing video as well) and at least double that in post-production.” – HouseLens
  1. “Unfortunately, great real estate photos don’t come from using a Smart Phone. You need a quality camera. As a starting point, the Canon M3 Compact Camera with a 15-45mm wide angle lens is affordable and easy to use.” – BoxBrownie
  1. If you do go the professional route: “Remember, a photographer or videographer is not a stager. Don’t expect them to do a lot of work to get the listing ready, especially if it involves moving furniture or valuable items. Their liability insurance usually won’t allow it.” – BoxBrownie

Staging a property


  1. “Call the homeowners a few hours before the shoot to remind them of the appointment. Ask them to tidy, wipe down counters and mirrors, close toilet seats, and hide pet items and trash cans.” – HouseLens
  1. “If the home has noteworthy architectural features – such as Victorian “gingerbread” trim – your pro may want to take detail shots. Trim landscaping so it doesn’t hide these special details.” – HouseLens
  1. “Include different types of lighting in a room. It is key to have layered lighting, such as table lamps, floor lamps and ceiling lights.” – BoxBrownie
  1. “Open all doors. Always open doors in a home to create a larger feel and display the flow of the property. Opening doors that open onto an outside living area will give the feeling of space. – BoxBrownie
  1. “Remove rugs in rooms. Removing rugs can create the feeling of more space. Always do this for bathrooms as it makes them feel bigger. Do the same with external door mats.” – BoxBrownie
  1. “Don’t light fireplaces. The smoke will ruin any of your external shots. If you want the fire ambiance for your internal photos, BoxBrownie can to digitally enhance the flames for you in an Image Enhancement edit.” – BoxBrownie

Going beyond with 3D and drones

  1. “Most home buyers start their search online. These ‘native’ first-time buyers want to get a real sense of how a home really looks and feels beyond static photography.” – Matterport
  1. “In cases where multiple decision makers are engaged in the vetting process – for example, say one spouse currently lives in another state – 3D images and virtual tours open the door for easy sharing and collaboration during the buying process.” – Matterport
  1. “Guide potential homebuyers with notes (such as the Mattertag Posts feature) throughout the virtual tour. When they do come in for a visit, they will be more knowledgeable and better prepared to make a confident decision that day.” – Matterport




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