Own It: New Videos Elevate Your Business

Gotta minute?

That’s all it takes – literally 77 seconds – to leave a lasting and valuable impression with your clients and consumers using one of five original Own It videos.

The brand-new series, hosted by interior designer and former HGTV personality Carriann Johnson, features videos that are short, captivating – lighthearted – and extremely helpful to viewers. And they’re produced exclusively for RE/MAX Affiliates.

Share the videos via social media and your website. Click the arrow in the top right corner of each video to get started.

“Consumers are hungry for this kind of short-video content.,” says Cory Vasquez, Director of RE/MAX Digital Communications. “It’s phenomenal that RE/MAX Associates are able to provide it, and help buyers and sellers even before they’re able to meet.

“These videos give agents another fantastic opportunity to show they’re the real estate experts – and that they have more knowledge and information to share. It’s certainly a great marketing tool for driving consumers to agent websites and inviting them to contact a RE/MAX Associate.”

Johnson, of Bang for Your Buck and My First Place fame, was a natural choice for the project. Especially given the fact that she’s no stranger to RE/MAX – her husband Dave Kaercher is a Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Real Estate Group in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

“I just really believe in the brand and the philosophies behind it,” Johnson says. “I have such a passion for homes and how personal they become to us – they’re the backdrop of our lives and memories – that I hope these videos are able to inspire consumers. I want them to think, ‘Okay, I need to put some better attitudes out there about selling my house, giving my agent the best product or, when purchasing a house, understanding what to look for.’”

Affiliates can craft a custom message and share the videos online – via social media or embed them on a personal website – straight from the RE/MAX Update email, YouTube or this article (click on the arrow in the top right corner of the video). New Own It content will be released every two weeks through August, and topics span common issues for sellers and buyers, including inexpensive but impactful home updates, the ability to separate wants from needs, methods for deciding between multiple offers and features that date a home.

“It was important to cover subjects that were clearly important to consumers – based on the most shared RE/MAX blogs and feedback from Associates. And to create content in a user-friendly format,” Vasquez says. “Consumers love video, so it was a no-brainer.”

And because Johnson can’t possibly impart all of her wisdom in five one-minute videos, she’s written blogs that expand on each topic – and are perfect for sharing alongside the videos. They’re yet another item of value RE/MAX Associates are able to provide to clients and consumers.

The first blog in the series, Own It: 5 Tips for Staging Your Home Yourself, is live on the RE/MAX Blog and ready to be shared.

“The blogs are short and sweet but juicy,” Johnson says. “They highlight points that consumers can print and use as a checklist. Passion is infectious and I’m very passionate about houses – I want consumers to see these videos and blogs and realize that by following these tips with their agent, it only works in their favor.”

The first video in the Own It series, Staging Your Home Yourself, is now live. Share it and its accompanying blog today to elevate your business and show how, once again, RE/MAX Associates are the authority on all things real estate.



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