No. 1 KW Team Joins RE/MAX Hallmark

Peggy Hill, RE/MAX Hallmark

By her own estimation, Peggy Hill and her team have helped thousands of clients find a home. Today, she officially found hers: RE/MAX Hallmark in Ontario.

The 40-person operation, recognized as the No. 1 Keller Williams team in Canada since 2013 and No. 4 worldwide, is led by Hill and her altruistic yet unrelenting drive to deliver the very best service to homebuyers and sellers. The RE/MAX brand, she says, is the only network that can help them achieve that – and take the team to new and exciting heights.

“I truly believe, no question in my mind, that my team’s success is going to explode with RE/MAX. We’re no longer swimming against the current, we’re working together, and we’ll have incredible results for my team, clients and everybody involved,” says Hill, whose team is based in the lakefront community of Barrie, 100 kilometers north of Toronto.

The Peggy Hill Team, which closed 635 transaction sides in 2018, personally sought out the leadership of RE/MAX Hallmark Broker/Owners Ken McLachlan, Debra Bain and Steve Tabrizi.

“We value great teams, and Peggy knows there’s nothing we wouldn’t do to help her business grow,” says McLachlan. “We’re all about ensuring she’s able to make an even bigger difference in her community.”

Hill explains, in her own words, why she knew joining RE/MAX was the right decision for her team and why she’s the one who made the first move.

“I 100% believe my business will increase just by being affiliated with the RE/MAX brand.”

By any standards, Hill is a fast learner. In her first year as a licensed real estate agent, she earned Rookie of the Year at her small but nationwide brand; she was the highest grossing salesperson by her second. When she landed at her most recent brand years later, it took only two years for her team to become No. 1 in the entire country – and the only Canadian team to be included in the top 100.

Now, with RE/MAX, she has even more to look forward to, she says.

“RE/MAX is it for me. There won’t be another brand; I’m done.”-Peggy Hill

“I know by putting RE/MAX with The Peggy Hill Team’s brand, it’s only going to elevate us higher and higher,” she says. “I have not even given [the idea of giving up my No. 1 title] one second of thought. Isn’t that funny?”

The difference in brands, according to Hill, comes down to a few things, but most importantly market share.

“My team had to spend a lot of time explaining who Keller Williams is,” she says. “Starting today, all we have to say is, ‘I’m with RE/MAX.’ Nobody needs to say anything more.

“I 100% believe my business will increase just by being affiliated with the RE/MAX brand.”

Steve Tabrizi, Broker/Owner with RE/MAX Hallmark, agrees.

“With RE/MAX, she knows the team can put their card down without having to explain their services, their reputation, their experience,” he says. “She’s taking the balloon and building on existing market share.”

“We are thrilled to add Peggy to our incredible team at RE/MAX Hallmark,” Bain adds. “Our brokerage recently partnered with RE/MAX Chay Realty, and with the addition of The Peggy Hill Team, we will continue dominating Barrie and the Simcoe County region.”

“RE/MAX is the company that markets the most.”

Given the shifting housing market in Canada and the recent decrease in residential investment, Hill needed to know her team of 25 agents and 15 administrators would be successful, regardless of any real estate climate. So she spent two-and-a-half years researching and planning a move.

“We get recruited a lot, obviously, so I thought about it a lot,” she says. “I had six successful years at Keller Williams, where I grew my team from six agents and made countless lifelong friendships, but I needed to find somewhere my team would be looked after and protected more than they have been. We need the visibility, we need the brand awareness to help us get through the storm that’s coming.”

In the end, it came down to choosing a brand that not only matched their values but accelerated their efforts. Hill says she made the move for her agents, of course, but truly for her clients.

“I’m a big marketer, and RE/MAX is the company that markets the most,” says Hill. “All we want is exposure for our listings. We truly feel that under the RE/MAX brand, they’re going to get that, more so than anywhere.

“I’ve had so many people say to me, ‘It’s not about the brand. It’s about you.’ But it is about the brand. The brand shouldn’t weigh you down.”

“There were cheers of happiness when I told my agents we were moving to RE/MAX.”

With a new office located at a busy intersection in Barrie, Hill admits that she often dreams about how much traffic her building receives and how beautiful it looks with a “big fat balloon flying on the top of it.”

“I’ve had so many people say to me, ‘It’s not about the brand. It’s about you.’ But it is about the brand. The brand shouldn’t weigh you down.”-Peggy Hill

“Everybody will know she’s now with RE/MAX because everybody passes through that intersection,” says Tabrizi. “She’ll be an icon of RE/MAX. She told Walter Schneider [president and co-founder of her region, RE/MAX INTEGRA] that he’s going to be the one who plugs in her balloon.”

Hill’s excitement stems from knowing, without a doubt, that joining RE/MAX was a smart move for her team. But she wasn’t always sure her team members would feel the same way. When she told them, she was stunned by their reaction.

“There were cheers of happiness when I told my agents we were moving to RE/MAX,” Hill says. “They were ecstatic. Human beings aren’t big on change, so I thought I’d have a little pushback, but they’re champing at the bit to go. When I showed them all the signs and cards, they were over the moon.”

“The reputation of RE/MAX Hallmark led me.”

“It was the reputation of RE/MAX Hallmark that led me to reach out to them,” Hill says of her decision, which took months to make. “It had to be the biggest brokerage with the best leadership; it had to be RE/MAX Hallmark. They’re known for looking after their people and anything they need, within reason. It’s a fostering of a family, but everyone is focused on business. Ken, Steve and Debra provide the right support and the right balance. They’re next to none and have it together like no one else I know.”

Tabrizi, who says it’ll be fun to work together with Hill, says she has the mindset of an entrepreneur and knows how much brand matters. But more than anything, he knows Hill will be a good fit for the brand because of her leadership style.

“I think one of the reasons RE/MAX Hallmark and The Peggy Hill Team align so well is because we are both in the business of building businesses,” he says. “She wants to succeed because it’s not about her.”

In true form, Hill gives all credit to her team members, whom she says never let her down because she never lets them down.

“It’s pretty powerful to wake up in the morning and know that you’re going to work because if you don’t, a whole lot of people won’t feed their families,” she says. “I go to work every day and try and make a difference in their lives and in their families’ lives.”

McLachlan commends the environment Hill has created – one that’s full of extremely productive and incredibly happy agents.

“If you walk into her office, the agents are smiling and greeting you,” he says. “It’s amazing to see how happy they are to be there while pushing the envelope for work.”

“I never thought I belonged at RE/MAX, but actually I’ve come home.”

In 2003, when Hill first earned her license, she interviewed multiple real estate offices – the first of which was a RE/MAX brokerage. As she sat in the lobby, the phones rang, the switchboard lit up and everyone was hard at work.

“I got so scared that I left,” she admits. “I didn’t think I belonged there. It was way too much for me and I thought, ‘I can’t work here. They’re too busy here, I can’t do it.’

Now she says, her career has come full circle.

“I never thought I belonged at RE/MAX, but I’ve actually come home,” Hill says.

“I was afraid of the brand back then, but now I want it to help me get to the rest of my journey. RE/MAX is it for me. There won’t be another brand; I’m done.”



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