New to booj? 7 Commonly Asked Questions

The booj Platform is designed to be streamlined and easy to use. But questions do come up when users are learning new functionality and integrating it into their workflow. Here are seven common questions from new booj users. 

Don’t see a question you have? Check out this CRM FAQ. Or head to the Support Services tile in MAX/Center to submit a ticket.

Q: What 3rd party platforms does booj integrate with?

A: The booj CRM already works seamlessly with Dotloop and DocuSign. Integrations with other popular platforms are in progress and will be announced as they are ready to launch.

Q: Are there plans for booj to have an auto-dialer?

A: Yes, a dialer is in development. This feature will be released after careful building and testing.

Q: When do the booj websites launch?

A:  Consumer-facing websites for teams, agents and offices will launch this fall. In the meantime, you can use the CMS editor to create content and modify the site in preparation for the official website launch.

Q: Can users set up task plans for their office – not just a single agent? 

A: Though this feature isn’t available yet, it is in development along with other tools to manage a brokerage or team.

Q: Can users search leads and contacts in the contact search? 

A: Yes! Searches in the desktop app can be narrowed down to either leads or contacts in the search bar. Or, select “All” and your search will find people within leads and contacts.

Q: Will booj help me find duplicate contacts and leads in my CRM?

A: Yes! Head to Contacts & Leads and click the “Find Duplicates” button. You can choose to identify duplicates by first name, last name, email address or phone number. You’ll be able to merge duplicates into one record, or delete extra entries.

Q: How many contacts can users import, and how?

A: There’s no limit to the number of contacts and leads you can import into booj. Whether you are importing contacts from LeadStreet, BoomTown, Chime, Follow Up Boss or another source, booj makes it easy. 

The first time you access the booj Platform, the Start Up Wizard will ask if you want to import your leads and contacts. Click “Yes” and they will automatically transfer — or migrate — from one system to the other. Here is information on migrating from major platforms.


LeadStreet migration is underway, and current users will see leads appearing as the import progresses. New users will see their contacts appear within a day of logging in for the first time. Anyone who initially declined to import their leads may opt-in to the migration process through the CRM Settings, at Settings > Contacts & Leads > General.

BoomTown, Chime and Follow Up Boss:

For these three systems, importing is as simple as uploading a CSV file. The booj system will also automatically update (map) your contacts’ details, like email addresses and phone numbers. 

Other platforms: 

For all other systems, you will need to export/import and map your contacts’ details manually. First, you’ll need to export your leads as a CSV file, then add/import them into booj. The export process is different for each system. Look for an option to export or save them to a CSV file.

Once you have a CSV file saved, click the “Add/Import” button on the booj Contacts & Leads page. Choose “Import List” and proceed as prompted. You can access the guide for importing contacts – along with guides for other functionality – by clicking the ? in the bottom right of the page, while you are in the booj Platform.



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These questions and answers are awesome! Thank you for sharing them. I have more to add: When someone imports their contacts from a csv. file. how quickly will those contacts be visable in the CRM?

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