Momentum Training Program Debuts at RE/MAX Australia

New enrichment program empowers franchise owners to keep their businesses moving forward

From left to right, Joel Davoren, Corinna Mansell, Melanie Marsh, Garry Malcolm, Leanne Kroes, Karl Rademeyer, Matthew Thomson Wes McGregor, Murray Carter, Hugh Tonakis and Jim Tonakis participated in the first Momentum training program.
From left to right, Joel Davoren, Corinna Mansell, Melanie Marsh, Garry Malcolm, Leanne Kroes, Karl Rademeyer, Matthew Thomson Wes McGregor, Murray Carter, Hugh Tonakis and Jim Tonakis participated in the first Momentum training program.

September 2015

RE/MAX Australia has introduced a program for its franchise owners that is designed for business mastery and to grow thriving businesses within the network.

“It is a comprehensive education program for our business owners,” said RE/MAX Australia director Joel Davoren.

“The three key modules of planning, value and recruitment are broken down into clearly defined and manageable practices as Momentum puts knowledge into a systemized operation – a turnkey operating system for offices.

“Systems drive businesses and people drive systems. Momentum shows our business owners how to develop these systems.

“The planning module explores establishing each participant’s personal office culture, mission and vision to promote office growth. The value phase guides them to discover their office’s unique value and learn how to communicate that to their people. Through the recruiting module, they develop a definitive plan for successful recruiting.”

Mr Davoren said that in his industry, it is really only a small percentage of real estate businesses that are truly thriving.

“Momentum drives business owners to identify where they are at in their business and what they need to do to either remain as a thriving business or to transform their business from merely surviving to thriving.

“It is said that a successful business owner is one who can walk away from their business and come back to it being better off than it was when they left. That’s what systemization delivers.”

Mr Davoren accepts that the program may challenge some as they are forced to take an honest look at their own business as well as their business-life plan.

“Everyone will take something different from the program.”

He said the program was born of a real life experience of success.

“Texan David Scott took his real estate business from five staff to more than 200 staff. He then sold it a few years ago and dedicated himself to developing Momentum, which is exclusive to RE/MAX.

“As a franchise group, we are constantly trying to add value. Momentum is unique in the way its three elements come together. Firstly, it is delivered through a consultative process with business owners. Secondly, it provides the tools and resources including financial, organizational and operational business planning templates. Thirdly, there is a serious process to keep program participants on course.”

Four RE/MAX Australia franchise owners participated in Momentum in the United States before the first Australian program was offered in the last week of August.

Since deciding to bring Momentum to Australia about four months ago, program facilitators Joel Davoren and RE/MAX Australia professional development manager Melanie Marsh have been immersed in the program’s content.

“The challenge is in the content – it is massive in its potential to empower our business owners,” he said.

While this first program did begin with three consecutive days, Momentum initially involves two training days. Constant follow-up occurs as individual business profiles are developed over a three-month period. There is a third training day and again, follow up.

Program participants can revisit these three days any time within the 12 month period.

Ideally a maximum of 10 franchise owners would participate in each 12 month program

Mr Davoren said the plan is to commence a Momentum program each quarter but he is already anticipating demand will step-up this frequency.

“Momentum is a 12-month program of commitment rather than three days in a training room and participants have access to on-line course material. Because Momentum is a ‘train the trainer’ program skilling business owners, this includes access to a 12-module complete agent development program.

“Skill training around leadership is very often neglected in our industry and this program is designed to address this. I am pleased to be helping both current business owners looking to get to the next level and new business owners who to develop the leadership skills required to grow a thriving business.”

Karl Rademeyer and Murray Carter were two franchise owners at the August sessions.

Mr Carter described Momentum as revolutionary for the real estate franchise industry.

“Often franchise brands are concerned with the number of offices rather than the profitability of offices. RE/MAX delivers Momentum to equip franchise owners to look within to see whether they are profitable and to take their business to the next level.

“The degree of detail is enormous and the dedicated follow-up ensures that participating franchise owners are totally accountable,” he said.

Mr Rademeyer said Momentum differed vastly from past business training he had experienced because of the long-term commitment to and from participants.

“Momentum is an amazing program through its focus on structure and the development and mentoring of agents. It is a very comprehensive program and participants are continually monitored when back in their businesses. This is very different to most lecture-based courses,” he said.

“It was humbling being in a room with other business owners as we talked the fundamentals of our own operations,” Mr Carter added.

“RE/MAX Australia is the right place for real estate entrepreneurs who want a combination of independence, support and unmatched competitive advantages. I think the Momentum program is one of these advantages. It is going to change the way our franchise owners open the RE/MAX conversation with new agents and help them reinforce the competitive advantages of the brand to their existing agents.

“The RE/MAX mission statement is direct and to the point: to be the worldwide real estate leader, achieving our goals by helping others to achieve theirs.

“It is very exciting to deliver the Momentum program, which empowers offices to increase profitability by adding value for their existing and new agents. It’s a different and exciting way to spread the positive impact RE/MAX can have on agents’ careers,” said Mr Davoren.


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