RE/MAX Brokers Listen Up:
The Momentum Podcast is Here

Hear Momentum success stories – and pick up tips for success – in the new,
RE/MAX exclusive podcast

The Momentum Podcast is all about the power training program exclusive to RE/MAX Brokers

Momentum – the course all about creating and communicating unique, unmatched value – has transformed the business of approximately 2,000 RE/MAX brokers in more than 15 countries. It’s a natural fit for RE/MAX brokers who hold themselves accountable to a higher standard. Now, through the new Momentum podcast on RE/MAX University, you can hear their stories.

Momentum has always been a program that’s as individualized as it is effective. Brokers build upon the key business disciplines and systems taught by the program to achieve their own unique goals. During the podcasts, listeners will hear first-hand accounts from Momentum brokers and agents who have successfully implemented Momentum in their business.

“Listeners will get to know the traits of a successful broker,” says Shawn Power, Manager of Training and Development for RE/MAX and host of the new podcast.

Several Momentum experts will also be featured on the podcast, including course creator David Scott. In the first episode, Scott discusses the experiences that inspired Momentum.

“Being a real estate owner is not for the faint of heart,” Scott says at the 30 minute mark. “It takes a lot to be successful as an owner. I always fall back on a simple quote: For every excuse you have for not achieving your goals, someone else has done it under far more difficult circumstances.”

Future podcast topics will include proven recruiting strategies, insight into effective training systems, and the importance of running a brokerage in alignment with your personal values.

Hear what else Scott had to say by listening to the first podcast on RE/MAX University. Find the podcasts by selecting Broker/Owner training under the Quick Links menu, then Momentum Resources and finally Momentum Podcasts.

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