Momentum 2.0: Achieve a Higher Level of Mastery


Since the debut of the Momentum program two years ago, the 2,200 brokers who have taken the course have collectively added an estimated 10,000 agents to their rosters.  

Momentum 2.0 is designed to propel this success even further.

“It’s all about complete business development,” says Amy Somerville, RE/MAX VP of Education and Training. “Momentum got the ball rolling. Momentum 2.0 continues the journey, giving brokers advanced tools and instruction for creating a thriving office. And it’s only offered at RE/MAX.”

Momentum 2.0 debuts during a one-day, live event in Houston on Sept. 15. Shortly after, the course will become available online (and on-demand) through the new RE/MAX University on Sept. 21.

Available to brokers who have completed the first Momentum program, Momentum 2.0 takes a deeper dive into the entrepreneurial and operational disciplines of business development.

The program breaks down goals into daily activities to provide brokers a step-by-step approach for building operations, hiring staff, and recruiting and retaining agents.

Recruiting is vital to a brokerage’s success, but it all comes down to alignment – finding agents who seek the unique value an individual broker offers.

This means brokers need to first identify what makes their office different, then demonstrate that value to prospects.

“When brokers wake up and realize the value in what they have to offer, it’s really transformative,” said Momentum creator David Scott.

The Momentum programs are instrumental in this journey of self-identity, and the results are truly powerful.

The first Momentum course is available through live regional training; contact your Region for more information. Registration is now open for the Momentum 2.0 live event Sept. 15 in Houston. Spots are filling up fast, so don’t wait!

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