Marketing that ‘Sticks’: Introducing Digital RE/MAX Stickers

When interacting with your network, every point of communication is key – and standing out from the crowd is important.  

You send digital doormats to celebrate new homeowners, post Hustlegraphics to showcase your experience and expertise, and create personalized RE/MAX commercials to highlight your unique skills. Now, you can add RE/MAX branded digital stickers to your texts and social media stories to remind consumers that when they work with a RE/MAX agent (you!), they’re working with the best.

The RE/MAX Sticker Pack is available for FREE to make your communications even more fun, unique and RE/MAX. Whether you’re texting homebuyers a new listing or showing off a recently sold home on Instagram Stories, you have RE/MAX Stickers to add some extra personality. 

Use the below FAQ to get started using the RE/MAX Sticker Pack today!

Hey, what ARE Stickers?

Stickers are digital elements that give people a fun way to communicate a message beyond text. Think emojis – but with the ability to communicate a sentence or phrase. 

Why should I use Stickers?

We live in a visual world. Stickers are able to convey more emotion and a wider range of thoughts than words alone, helping communication become more expressive. With the branded RE/MAX Sticker Pack you can now create more memorable marketing and communications with your clients and network. 

Where can I use the RE/MAX Sticker Pack?

There are two ways to use Stickers:

  • Within a messaging conversation (iMessage, Android and WhatsApp) 
  • On a social media story (Instagram and Snapchat) 


Where can I find RE/MAX Stickers?

Stickers are currently available on the following channels:


  1. iMessage
  2. Android Message
  3. WhatsApp

Social Media:

  • Instagram (Stories only)
  • Snapchat (Stories only)

How do I use Stickers in messaging?

Please follow the below guides to get started with Stickers. Search “RE/MAX” on your iPhone or Android device, or in What’s App, using the instructions below to find the RE/MAX Sticker Pack. And remember, it’s FREE!

iMessage How-To

Android How-To

What’s App How-To

How do I use Stickers on social media?

Instagram Stories How-To (referred to as GIF stickers)

Snapchat How-To (referred to as GIF stickers)



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