Malta, A Hub for Foreign Real Estate Investment

Complementary leadership and industrious aspirations drive RE/MAX Malta

Malta, one of the most densely populated countries and smallest European Nations, measuring circa 120 square miles with just under 450, 000 population, has become a major hub for real estate investment for EU/EEA and Non-EU Nationals including U.S. Citizens.

The Maltese Islands were the setting for the meeting between U.S. President George H. W. Bush and Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev in 1989, just a few weeks after the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Building a Foundation for Growth

Ranked 3rd in the New York Times “Top 50 places to go in 2016,” the islands’ popularity has emerged due to international interest in government schemes released recently to attract investment, which came in the form of a Global Residence Program and a Citizenship by Investment Program.

Considered a hidden gem in the Mediterranean – once a country dependent on tourism to its World Heritage sites, 7,000-year-old temples and beaches – the Government of Malta built a robust infrastructure enabling the islanders to carve out their own niche to attract foreign investment with the Islands’ limited natural resources.

Amenities Make Malta Attractive

A Standard and Poor’s credit rating of A- with a stable outlook, Malta was one of the few nations to come out unscathed from the 2008 global recession. A strong real estate industry due to stringent banking practices, 85 percent homeownership and major foreign investment is a pillar of this survival.

Three hundred days of sun, beautiful blue Mediterranean Sea, exquisite cuisine, picturesque promenades, tax efficiency and a landscape of luxury ocean view properties and stunning villas and palazzos with swimming pools – who wouldn’t consider moving to this haven?

“Malta has arguably been one of strongest real estate industries in Europe, with consistent growth in appreciation and excellent rental returns. Our tax efficiency for companies, residence holders and highly qualified persons, as well as the fact that Malta is mainly English-speaking, has made our Islands a hub for finance, gaming, software and other similar industries, which account for several thousand jobs taken up by expatriates living in Malta that rent and purchase apartments and other types of homes in Malta”, Kevin Buttigieg, Co-Regional Owner of RE/MAX Malta says.

We aspire to follow in the footsteps of Mr. Polzler and Walter Schneider the Co-founders of RE/MAX Integra in their RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic region in Canada where for every three transactions one will be finalized by a RE/MAX agent. Kevin Buttigieg

The vast range of properties types start from standard apartments, maisonettes and penthouses, seaside and marina flats overlooking the Mediterranean to gorgeous villas, five-hundred-year-old character houses and Victorian townhouses. Malta has it all in terms of variety of choice of investment in real estate.

Cornering the Market

RE/MAX is by far the biggest real estate agency in Malta having 20 opened offices and registering more than 350 sales associates, dwarfing their next competitor by two-thirds, with plans to open five more offices and adding another 75 sales associates by the end of 2017.

The company also excels in dealing with foreign buyers due to their international connection as well as the companies excellent relations with developers on the Islands. The company is a top seller of all the main developments and is often consulted by the contractors themselves regarding pricing and design for both rental and buying options.

A number of high-rise buildings are set to adorn the skyline in Malta for which RE/MAX has been involved and are looking forward to offering to their customer base. Investments that have been tipped to be released and sold in a matter of days.

“We are fairly blessed that the property market in Malta has stayed strong though we must say we follow the RE/MAX business model and values to the T not to mention our hard work ethic,” brother of Kevin and Co-Regional Owner Jeffrey Buttigieg says.

Kevin is the PR man whilst Jeffrey is the operations guy, both sharing responsibility of building the business. “Many people say that we complement each other – Kevin is the fiery salesperson that pushes growth and I am the guy that puts the mechanics together to make sure it happens,” he says. The brothers have been running the Malta region for twelve years, where they planned to open eight offices. Today, their goals are set at the milestone of opening 30 offices and recruiting a target of 500 sales associates by the end of 2018.

Confirming their ambitions for Malta Kevin Buttigieg says, “We aspire to follow in the footsteps of Mr.Polzler and Walter Schneider the Co-founders of RE/MAX Integra in their RE/MAX Ontario-Atlantic region in Canada where for every three transactions one will be finalized by a RE/MAX agent.”

The Maltese region has been recognized by RE/MAX LLC and RE/MAX Europe a number of times, being nominated for Region of the Year three consecutive years, winning the Award of Excellence in 2013 by RE/MAX Europe as well as having been consulted through a breakthrough in their technology expertise by Europe.

Malta will hold the European Presidency in 2017 whereas Valetta, the countries capital, was declared the European Capital of Culture for 2018, both prestigious appointments that will surely further consolidate its position as a main home for real estate investment in Europe.

More About Malta

Great Britain formally acquired Malta in 1814. The Island staunchly supported the UK through both world wars and remained in the Commonwealth when it became independent in 1964; a decade later it declared itself a republic. Since about the mid-1980s, the Island has transformed itself into a freight transshipment point, a financial center and a tourist destination while its key industries moved toward more service-oriented activities. Malta became an EU member in May 2004 and began using the euro as currency in 2008.


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