Logan Lester Reigns as Miss Texas USA and RE/MAX Associate

After taking center stage to accept her crown as the new Miss Texas USA 2018, RE/MAX Associate Logan Lester was in the office the very next morning. “She had clients to worry about and take care of,” says Chris Sansone, leader of Team Sansone – RE/MAX Fine Properties in Houston. “Her work ethic is on-point.”

Chris and wife Lizz, partners at Team Sansone, have known Lester since she was a toddler, so her achiever’s mindset as a RE/MAX Associate comes as no surprise to them. Others are recognizing it, too. In October 2017 the Houston Association of Realtors (HAR) named Lester to its Young Professionals Network 20 under 40 Rising Stars. HAR award winners are real estate professionals who demonstrate entrepreneurial savvy, strength in sales and leadership, and are actively involved in community outreach. Lester’s honor came a mere 18 months after she earned her real estate license.

Because Nice Matters

Some observers of beauty pageants see only the surface – the poise, the glamour, the glitzy evening gowns. But Lester and other contestants tend to be goal-oriented and service-minded in their daily lives. “We all look for ways to continually improve ourselves and the community we serve through the platforms we believe in,” Lester says.

Lester’s Miss Texas USA platform is near and dear to her heart: Because Nice Matters. It’s her personal motto — one that grew from difficult years in junior high and high school where she experienced firsthand what it’s like to be bullied – and now, as a pageant winner, it’s a concept she works diligently to promote. “It’s about encouraging kindness, acceptance and inclusion,” she says. “Besides my love for real estate, I have a huge passion for being a voice for others.”

She backs up those words with deeds. While Lester’s 21st birthday was anything but typical, it was indicative of her priorities. She and a group of friends spent the day completing “21 Acts of Kindness” — delivering brown bag lunches to the homeless, donating food and supplies to a local animal shelter, and organizing an Easter egg hunt for families at the local Ronald McDonald house.

9 to 5 Desk Job is Just “Not Me”

From an early age Lester found the business of real estate intriguing. “I was always curious about the process,” she says, recalling her teen years when her parents were selling their house. She wanted to be

“The RE/MAX brand is universally trusted.”-Logan Lester

involved in everything – listening in on phone calls, reading paperwork and contracts, participating in discussions between her parents and their Realtors. Those Realtors: none other than Chris and Lizz Sansone.

The Samsones realized Lester’s ambition and offered her an internship, beginning in 2014. Logan attended Texas A&M at the same time, graduating in three years and earning her degree in business and communications. In May 2016 she earned her license and “hit the ground running,” Chris Sansone recalls. Indeed, Logan’s first transaction as a RE/MAX buyer’s specialist was a million-dollar home – not bad for a 21-year-old just out of college.

Lester, though, has remained grounded. “Not every sale is going to be a million-dollar home,” she reasons. She made a promise to herself to “treat every client the exact same whether it’s a $50,000 or $1 million listing.” The RE/MAX brand is universally trusted, and Lester believes it’s her responsibility to represent the company with the same integrity and elegance she does when representing the state as Miss Texas.

Runways and Real Estate

On balancing a successful career while nurturing a fulfilling personal life Miss Texas is candid: “Some days I’m a rock star,” she says. “Some days I epically fail.”

She admits that juggling her responsibilities as Miss Texas and her duties as a buyer’s specialist would be much more difficult without the support of her RE/MAX family. “When I’m advocating for an organization [as Miss Texas] I know I can lean on my team to help. When one of us succeeds, we all succeed. It’s a very special dynamic.”

One advantage of the RE/MAX brand is the quality of people it attracts. Lester finds comfort in being surrounded by mentors and peers whose values align with her own.

Chris Sansone echoes the sentiment. “We’re more like a family, as opposed to a team,” he says. “We motivate her, but she motivates us as well. It’s so fulfilling to see someone’s dream come to fruition in front of your eyes.”

That support will no doubt continue this summer when Lester competes in Las Vegas for the title of Miss USA: “We’ll be there in full force,” Sansone says, “behind her 100 percent.”



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