Liniger Wows NAHREP Crowd

Dave Liniger’s message of hope, perseverance and inclusion reaches far beyond the boundaries of the brand.

October 2015

The increasingly multicultural market presents huge opportunities for agents who want to help people build wealth and achieve their dreams of homeownership, RE/MAX CEO Dave Liniger told a crowd of 900 real estate professionals in Chicago this week.

Dave Liniger at NAHREP

When they help someone buy a property, agents are also helping them get a piece of the pie – and that changes lives, Liniger said Sept. 21 during a rousing keynote address at the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals (NAHREP) annual convention at the Chicago Hilton. The RE/MAX Chairman and Co-Founder appeared on stage as part of a Q&A with NAHREP board member Daisy Lopez-Cid of RE/MAX Premier Properties in Kissimmee, Fla.

More than 120 RE/MAX Affiliates attended the event, but Liniger’s message of hope, perseverance and inclusion reached far beyond the boundaries of the brand. He encouraged all agents to be more than ordinary or average in their work.

“Have big dreams and go after something more than a commission or a paycheck,” Liniger said. “Chase the accomplishment and the dollars will come.”

Liniger recalled the thrill he felt after closing his very first sale following a long, discouraging start to his 50-year career.

“I suddenly had confidence, because I knew I had something of value to give people,” he said. “I’d found my passion, and that’s want I needed. The rest is history.”

Crediting Napoleon Hill’s “Think & Grow Rich” and Jack Canfield’s “The Success Principles” as major influences in his life, Liniger urged the attendees to realize their attitudes and actions drive the results in almost every situation. And he presented a simple blueprint as his personal “secret of success:”

“Build a step-by-step plan, keep adjusting, and never ever quit,” Liniger said as the crowd broke out in thunderous applause. “That’s the secret.”

Each member of the crowd received a gift from Linger – a copy of his New York Times best-seller, “My Next Step.” The 2013 book recounts his battle with a life-threatening infection and his fight to return to health, mobility and work.


The highly visible RE/MAX sponsorship of the convention, including Liniger’s appearance, reinforced the network’s commitment to Hispanic agents and the communities they serve. In June, 61 RE/MAX affiliates (including Lopez-Cid at No. 3) qualified for NAHREP’s 2015 ranking of the country’s top 250 Latino agents, representing nearly a quarter of the list and almost doubling every competitor.

A dynamic atmosphere full of energy could be felt throughout the three-day NAHREP conference, dedicated to the mission of building Hispanic wealth and homeownership. RE/MAX Affiliates in attendance were pleased to have Liniger, President Geoff Lewis and other senior officers at the gathering.

“I’m beyond excited that RE/MAX is supporting and sponsoring the convention,” said Debra Beagle, Broker/Manager of RE/MAX Elite in Nashville, Tenn. “NAHREP Is a great organization, this is a great event, and it warms my heart to see RE/MAX so well-represented here.”

More photos from the event can be found below.


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It was a great 3 day conference!! There were many RE/MAX agents from all over the United States!! It was great to see and hear Dave Liniger address attendees. RE/MAX was well represented!

The conference was fantastic!! We love to see RE/MAX supporting this very important, rapidly growing, market segment. No wonder why RE/MAX has the most top 250 Latino real estate brokers in the nation!

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