Lending a Helping Hand

The Heart of Cause Marketing is the Beneficiaries

Giving back to the community is a hallmark of the RE/MAX family and brand. Even the smallest gifts can make a difference, and when we bestow more significant gifts upon those around us, the rewards are greater than any new client, referral or commission. Here are some shining examples of giving back.

David Kafka Made Belize His Home and Gives Back in Big Ways

David Kafka, Broker/Owner of RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize says his all-time passion is animals, but from the giving he does, it seems like his passion extends beyond animals to his new-found home of Placencia, Belize.

“Belize is my home now and I don’t want to use the country and not give back,” he says. And give back he does. He feeds his animal passion through serving on the board of the Placencia Humane Society, a 100 percent donation and all-volunteer non-profit organization serving Placencia Peninsula.

We have programs like the feral cat program, where we catch them, check them out, spay/neuter them, give them shots and release them back to the area where we trapped them,” Kafka says. “We have outreach programs where we subsidize services for anyone who can’t afford to spay, neuter or vaccinate their animals.”

Although he has served on the board for more than two years, he’s humble about his role. “It’s not me,” he says, “it’s the volunteers, the other board members and the donations we get.”

David Kafka, Broker Owner of RE/MAX 1st Choice Belize, handing over the keys to the two motorcycles his office donated to the police department.

He’s equally as humble about the help he’s given to the local fire and police departments, too. Before embarking on a real estate career when he lived in Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina, he came from a fire department background.

So, when he moved to Placencia and saw they had a small fire department, he decided to volunteer.

On his contributions to the police department Kafka says, “It’s a small fishing village we live in — like 2000 people in the village. But I saw they had no way to get around other than broken vehicles and bicycles.” Instead of looking the other way, Kafka purchased two motorcycles for the police department.

Police officers trying out their new motorcycles.

“I try to help any way I can,” he says. “I can’t always give money, but my staff and I can give time — even letting them use my printer is another way I can help.”

Boat Trip For Club A

After being approached by Bethany Kirk, one of the founders of Club A – a non-profit organization that helps poor children in Liberia, Costa Rica ¬–, Michael Simons of RE/MAX Tres Amigos Real Estate in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, agreed to sponsor 15 children, and some of the brokerage’s agents followed suit by sponsoring children on their own.

After getting to know Bethany and some of the volunteers, and hearing some of the stories about the kids, it’s understandable why Simons partnered with the organization.

“These are definitely kids that need a helping hand,” he says, “and it is great to see Bethany and her fellow founders and volunteers do such giving work.”

Club A started in June 2014 by five women who saw a need to help kids do well in school in a nearby, impoverished community. The non-profit organization works with kids on a weekly basis to help them succeed in school. By helping kids improve their academic level and teaching them to be responsible citizens, the organization hopes they will have bright futures and improve their economic situation.

Today, Club A has 80 kids – ages 5 to 13 – enrolled in the program, all of whom must show proof of enrollment in school in order to join. To remain in the club, the kids must have excellent behavior and attendance. Club A is completely run by volunteers and has no paid staff.

Believing in the mission, Simons decided to take it a step further.

“We thought it would be great to invite 50 kids to come to the beach and go on a boat ride aboard the Marlin del Rey Catamaran,” says Simons. “So, we called our friend Bret and he gave us a great deal and we booked the whole boat for the day just for the kids and adult volunteers from Club A.” Of course, the kids were over the moon and had the time of their lives.

Playa Hermosa School Backpack Program 2018

RE/MAX Tres Amigos Real Estate in Playa Hermosa, Costa Rica, is kicking off it’s annual Backpack Program that benefits the local children by giving each student a brand-new backpack filled with school supplies and essentials to get them off to a good start for the New Year. Last year the brokerage was able to give all 55 kids a brand-new backpack filled with all the goodies they needed to start the new school year properly.

The goal this year is to raise enough funds to donate 66 backpacks, as the school enrollment has grown significantly with new kindergarteners. The cost for each backpack and all its contents is $70. Michael Simons, Broker/Co-Owner of RE/MAX Tres Amigos Real Estate, works with the Playa Hermosa Residents Association to coordinate the purchase of the backpacks and all the supplies that go with them and will be presenting them to the kids in January.


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