It Was Time for RE/MAX: 3 Stars Explain Why They Joined

RE/MAX has always been the best option for successful, experienced Sales Associates. So it stands to reason that many new RE/MAX Affiliates bring strong reputations, formidable skill sets and years of solid production with them when they join.

Meet three of them.

Carrie Abfall

RE/MAX Real Estate Professionals, Columbus, Ind.

Carrie Abfall has the kind of enthusiasm, personality (she loves to throw client parties) and work ethic (she writes thank-you notes to all of her clients) that would make her a

Carrie Abfall

real estate star no matter where she worked. That’s why it galled her that 40 percent to 50 percent of her hard-earned commission checks were paying someone else’s bills – and even at that split she had no real say in marketing strategies.

So in August 2010, Abfall switched from Coldwell Banker to RE/MAX. She vaulted into the Platinum Club in 2011, her first full year with the network. The skills, credibility and visibility she already had – she grew up in Columbus and began her real estate career there in 1995 – combined with RE/MAX competitive advantages to create even more positive energy.

“I entered an environment where the agents were solid and knew what they were doing. That makes a difference, ” she says. “I’ve gotten a lot more business because of my affiliation with RE/MAX. Clients will say ‘Well, I like you and I like him … but you’re with RE/MAX, so you win my business.’”

Online resources were another big difference.

“I love LeadStreet,” Abfall says. “When I switched, I wasn’t even aware of it, and I was blown away by these free leads to my phone. I’m a mom to an amazing 8-year-old boy, and I can be at a basketball game or school event and pick up a lead!”

She’s also a fan of RE/MAX University. “It’s a treasure trove of resources,” she says. “I have a home office, and I put RU courses on my computer in the background as I work. It’s really helpful, and I get loads of great ideas to try.”

So how has Abfall done since switching to RE/MAX? In 2011 she was the No. 1 producer by volume in her office, and she’s having another big year this year.

Jaci Cannan

RE/MAX Plus, Rochester, N.Y.

Jaci Cannan was an award-winning, well-known agent for 13 years before she and her team joined RE/MAX in August 2010. What drew her to RE/MAX?

Jaci Cannan

“It was the national and international exposure, the brand recognition, the high-caliber agents and the flexibility,” she says. The team has much more promotional freedom with RE/MAX than it had with its former company, Nothnagle Realtors, a tough competitor in the Rochester market. “From cutting-edge technology to creative marketing tools, RE/MAX provides us with ways to increase our productivity and improve the way we do business.”

Another big advantage is the global referral network, Cannan says. “We’ve placed many outgoing referrals since joining RE/MAX Plus, and have helped our clients select agents in other states as well. The system ensures a positive experience for clients.”

Since joining RE/MAX, Cannan has added four members to her team, bringing it to 10. She earned her way into the Platinum Club last year, and she’s constantly seeking new opportunities for growth, both individually and collectively.

Her mission is simple: Provide the highest level of service through hard work, skill and creativity.

Denise Storm

RE/MAX Pinnacle, Durango, Col.

Denise Storm had her “a-ha moment” at a Destination RE/MAX event in Denver in May 2011. She had been in real estate for eight years and was working for Prudential, paying

Denise Storm

up to $9,000 of her commissions to her brokerage each month. But she was hesitant to switch, despite a tempting offer from a local RE/MAX office, RE/MAX Pinnacle.

But finally the light turned on and she saw the folly of paying $70,000 per year for the level of support and service she was receiving. She hasn’t looked back since.

While there are many things Storm likes about working at RE/MAX, “probably the biggest thing for me is that I can get education online, at my convenience, as opposed to going to classes,” she says. “For example, right now I’m in the middle of earning my CRS designation. And I like the fact that I can sit on my couch at midnight in my pajamas and listen to a CRS webinar. It’s much better than having to take time out of my business to attend the classes.”

She also likes that she can order signs, brochures and other marketing tools through the RE/MAX Approved Supplier program.

Another major plus: the credibility of the RE/MAX brand. “Consumers realize that most agents who work for RE/MAX are the best of the best. RE/MAX supports you being independent and allows you to run your  business on your own terms,” she says.

And how has Storm done since making the switch in June 2011?

“Last year I reached the 100 Percent Club, which is pretty good for being here only half a year,” she says. And this year? “I’m shooting for the Platinum Club.”