Top 100 Tips:
5 Easy Ways to Deliver Better Service

Consistency is key – but it’s also just the beginning, says a Florida-based Top 100 member

By Andy Stonehouse

In just six years with RE/MAX – and 11 total in real estate – Hall of Famer Mike DeVito has created a wildly successful business. Delivering attentive and personalized service has played a large part in this, he says.

Ranked No. 78 on the RE/MAX Top 100 U.S. Individuals list through June, the Sales Associate with RE/MAX United Realty in Coral Gables, Florida, offers his ideas for how you, too, can become the agent who “makes things happen.”

  1. Build on past experience

Before real estate, I was a professional musician. I sang at a lot of nightclubs in Miami Beach, and I have three albums on iTunes, including one I did with Marc Anthony’s musicians. But I wanted a job with the capability of providing a comfortable lifestyle for my family. Within a year of starting with RE/MAX, I was debt-free. My singing career gave me the confidence and speaking capabilities needed to effectively engage clients while showing groups of people properties.Mike DeVito

  1. Don’t waste your clients’ time

I deal with very high-net-worth clients, and I’ve learned that you really have to know your stuff – they’re highly educated, sophisticated individuals, and you need to have very black-and-white answers to their questions. You also have to value their time and communicate with them very efficiently so you can make the most of it when you can get them on the phone.

  1. Operate consistently – and clients will notice

I return every call, text message and voicemail every day. I also go through checklists daily to make sure everything on every deal gets done all the way through closing. When you operate like this, people start to see you as the person that makes things happen and always gets the job done.

  1. Apply on-the-job lessons

My favorite aspect of working with my clients is learning how they’ve made their money. Doing so gives me extremely valuable entrepreneurial insight and opens my mind to incorporating similar strategies to make my real estate practice and personal wealth grow. All of this happens while I get to walk through some of the most amazing properties in the world!

  1. Let the RE/MAX name work for you

The brand recognition RE/MAX has worldwide is very powerful. Since I sell real estate in Miami, I deal with people from all over the world on a daily basis. When they find out I work for RE/MAX, it’s reassuring to them.


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