Don’t miss these incredible R4 speakers

Every year, a new lineup of speakers takes the stage at R4 to offer invaluable inspiration and advice for business and life.

In 2018, make the resolution to invest in yourself by attending this event packed with powerful networking and premier learning opportunities. Here are the dynamite speakers you’ll hear from at the 45th Anniversary RE/MAX R4 Convention.


Gary Vaynerchuk 

Social Media & Branding Visionary

 Not only does Gary Vaynerchuk get you thinking out of the box – he crushes up the box and tosses it out entirely. In a provocative, tell-it-like-it-is style all his own, Gary emphasizes the importance of going “all-in” with what you’re naturally good at and promoting the heck out of yourself and your personal brand. He’s a social media expert, best-selling author and successful investor and entrepreneur. One thing’s for certain: His presentation will challenge you – and your perspectives on leadership, branding, social media and self-awareness.

Darren Hardy

Best-selling author and leadership expert

Darren Hardy has literally written the book on success (or the magazine, as the case may be). The former publisher of Success magazine, Darren is a businessman, author and mentor to CEOs and entrepreneurs. In his enlightening presentations, he shares the strategies behind the extraordinary success of superstars in business, sports and entertainment, while also mixing in his own street-tested principles. A passion for personal development stands at the core of his philosophy for business and life.

Ruben Gonzalez

Olympic Athlete

Having competed on the Argentine luge team from 1984-2010, Ruben Gonzalez is the only person to participate in the Winter Olympics in four different decades. Needless to say, he knows a few things about unlocking potential. With a high-energy, entertaining and relatable style, he’ll relay stories that will inspire you to create your own success of Olympic proportions.

See these speakers and many others at the 45th Anniversary RE/MAX R4 Convention, February 26-March 1. Register now!



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