Huge Momentum in Missouri

A solid playbook built on Momentum training and natural leadership has Broker/Owner David Wiesemann on a serious winning streak.

By Camille Wilson

David Wiesemann may have taken a while to enter the real estate game, but that hasn’t hampered an impressive winning streak.

Wiesemann joined RE/MAX Heritage in Blue Springs, Missouri in June 2009 as a 49-year old ex-furniture salesman. Within four years, he was a top performing agent and purchased the franchise he had been working for.

Fast-forward to today, and Wiesemann has increased the office sales volume five-fold. In 2016, his brokerage’s 58 agents closed 953 transaction sides totaling $150 million in sales volume.

Weisman says his success wouldn’t have been possible without RE/MAX Momentum training.

“It’s different than most lecture-based courses,” he says, noting that he’s taken the courses three times. “The information is so rich, and I keep learning something new each time.”

Gaining Momentum

Wiesemann is a natural, committed leader. In searching for the best tools to help grow his new business, he quickly found Momentum. The RE/MAX training program provides tools and resources designed to turn any brokerage into a thriving business.

Momentum teaches Broker/Owners strategies for starting the RE/MAX conversation with potential recruits by focusing on the unique value an individual brokerage offers. This means brokers first need to identify what sets their office apart, then demonstrate that value to prospective agents.

For his office, Wiesemann developed the mission “growing, sharing and caring.”

Momentum 2.0, the powerful follow-up to the first course, has helped Wiesemann become even more laser-focused on growth. This program includes specific, daily activities for a building business operations, hiring new staff and recruiting and retaining agents – all key elements to a thriving business.

The Mission: Growing

The success of Wiesemann’s agents and office growth are the top priorities. Because he had a relatively late start in the industry, he appreciates the time and effort needed to build a business from the ground up.

“I had a lot of help along the way,” Wiesemann says. “If I can teach my agents how to run a business and help them be successful, I’ll get what I want, too.”

The RE/MAX Heritage office in Blue Springs currently has 70 agents, and Wiesemann plans to exceed 100 agents by the end of 2017. His recruiting approach is straight out of the Momentum playbook: show prospects that he wants to help them, not just recruit them.

“I always bring something of value to a meeting, whether it’s a copy of Success magazine or a guide to building relationships,” Wiesemann says. “I’m very transparent and honest throughout. I make sure a prospect knows that our office offers a lot of support and is a great place for those who produce – but that it can also be difficult for those who don’t.”


Sharing in successes and learning from setbacks serves not only as a powerful growth and training technique, says Wiesemann, but is also the embodiment of the RE/MAX brand.

“I’ve had the opportunity to learn from people throughout my career thanks to the openness of RE/MAX professionals,” he says. “RE/MAX people are so open and giving with their advice. I really value this about the network, and I try to set the same example for those coming up behind me as well.”

Susan Katana, director of production and finance, has been with RE/MAX Heritage since prior to Wiesmann’s ownership. She attributes Wiesemann’s generous leadership as a big part of her success. His door is always open, both literally and figuratively, creating an environment of mentorship and camaraderie throughout the office.

“Whenever he goes to events or trainings, he brings back information and strategies that enhance our agents and our office,” Katana says. “That’s a great example of the RE/MAX culture. It’s not just the branding; it’s people who are sincere and want to build each other up. It’s a family.”


Wiesemann is passionate about taking care of his agents and the community with equal enthusiasm.

A recent example involves an agent struggling to make his mortgage payment. Through the Heritage Heart Fund – set up for staff and agents to donate money on an ongoing basis in the event of a financial hardship – the team rallied and made the payment for him.

In a community-wide effort, the brokerage assisted in building two Habitat for Humanity houses. Staff members also regularly participate in park cleanup days, among other community events.

“This caring atmosphere is why we’re able to attract and recruit good people,” Wiesemann says.

The culture of caring also extends to customers. A prime example: the office’s annual pie giveaway, which serves more than 1,000 apple, pumpkin and pecan pies at Thanksgiving.

“The agents call their clients and invite them to the office. They can take home a pie with a note that says, ‘Any way you slice it, we are thankful for your business and your referrals,’” says Lance Tomlin, a veteran top producer at RE/MAX Heritage. “It’s a really fun family event, and Santa visits the office, too.”

Wiesemann was the No.1 producer in sales volume within his office when he bought the Heritage office years ago. In reflecting on his transition from a top agent to a leading Broker/Owner, his advice: “Focus on your business.”

“Momentum has made it clear that I need to run the office and not worry about my sales,” he says. “To be good at something, you have to focus on it. I made an intentional transition from being a good agent to being a good Broker/Owner by stepping away from the sales side of the business.”


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