How to Win the Listing Every Time

Two Hall of Famers explain presentation fundamentals that can help you leave more prospect meetings with a signed contract.

By Buck Wargo
Dave and Vanessa Fauquier-
Dave Fauquier explains the keys to winning listings during his 2015 R4 presentation.
David and Vanessa Fauquier
Dave and Vanessa Fauquier

Do your listing presentations sizzle with something special? Do they focus on the things most important to your potential clients? Do they offer real value, establishing you as a worthy resource and guide?

There’s a certain mix to shoot for when you’re seeking a listing – a certain “wow.” And RE/MAX Hall of Famers Dave and Vanessa Fauquier know how to hit it.

The Fauquiers, a husband-and-wife team with RE/MAX Preferred Professionals in Bridgewater, New Jersey, are skilled at combining time-tested methods with the best aspects of today’s technology and social media. In fact, Dave is best known in real estate circles as the co-host of “Mobile Agent TV,” a YouTube sensation that offers industry insights on a monthly basis.

Here are 13 takeaways from the couple’s energetic “Listing Presentations with Wow!” session at the 2015 R4 Convention:

  • Winning a listing often comes down to making an emotional connection with the clients.
  • People do business with people they trust. That’s as true today as it ever was.
  • The fundamentals are crucial: Be on time. Make eye contact. Focus on the sellers.
  • A service mindset is critical. If you create a great experience for your sellers, you can make more money than you can imagine.
  • View the conversation from the clients’ perspective. They want to know you regard their home as a special place, just like they do.
  • Ask questions. This is perhaps the most essential step. Find out what’s important to the sellers and steer the conversation toward those areas.
  • Everything you say should help accomplish one of these three things: demonstrating your skills, displaying your values or providing valuable information to the sellers.
  • Your package should be comprehensive yet easy to digest. Don’t just talk a big game about your marketing plan. Back it up with examples.
  • Prezi software, which displays the presentation on an iPad, promotes interaction and makes a great impression. You can control the flow with your iPhone.
  • Show the sellers that you’ve done it before. Reference past successes, statistics, market share, rankings and client reviews.
  • Wait until the end to talk about price. If you mention it too early, it will be all the sellers want to talk about. Back your recommendation up with market analysis.
  • Help the sellers understand key data, such as absorption rates and how they’re affecting the local housing market. And educate them about the factors that impact pricing.
  • The bottom line: Be honest. Help the sellers be realistic about their home and their expectations. They’ll be glad you did – and even happier when their home sells.

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