How a New Arizona Office Helps its Agents Stay Strong

Founded in 2013, RE/MAX Platinum Living is soaring to success with its irresistible value proposition and focus on tech-driven marketing

By Deborah Kearns // Photography by Dan Coogan

Building a brokerage where agents can grow, become more profitable and realize their goals has been a longtime dream for Jay Macklin and his wife, Michelle. After all, they’ve been in their shoes and worked their way up to become successful team leaders.

The Macklins took the lessons they learned along the way to create a one-of-a-kind brokerage – RE/MAX Platinum Living in Arizona’s Valley of the Sun ­– that delivers top-notch tools and coaching to attract the best agents and encourage their decision to stay.

Since opening in January 2013 with just 10 agents, the brokerage’s three offices – one in Cave Creek and two in Scottsdale (with a fourth opening in Phoenix this summer) – have seen tremendous growth. Today, RE/MAX Platinum Living has more than 95 agents – and counting.

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“This isn’t simply a place for agents to hang their license; I want the right people who get what we’re about and love what they do,” says Jay Macklin, a certified Craig Proctor coach whose top focus is on team expansion and development.

Part of Macklin’s success in attracting – and keeping – top talent is due in large part to the value he brings to the equation.

“If agents come to me, I guarantee they’ll make $25,000 more with us than they did in their previous brokerage – or we’ll pay the difference,” Macklin says. “That’s how much I believe in what we’re doing, and I commit 100 percent of my time to agents’ development.”

Leadership that inspires

Associates at RE/MAX Platinum Living are big believers in everything the brokerage represents. Michelle Houze joined the DC Ranch office in Scottsdale in May 2013 after receiving a personal BombBomb video message from Jay Macklin. At the time, she was with HomeSmart Realty and felt stagnant in her career.

John Gluch and Michelle Houze
John Gluch and Michelle Houze at RE/MAX Platinum Living

After meeting with Macklin, though, she was convinced that switching to RE/MAX Platinum Living was the right move – and it sure was. In her first year with the network, Houze says she more than tripled her business over what she closed with HomeSmart from May 2013 to May 2014.

“Having this office name on my business card puts me at a different level to truly compete in our market,” Houze explains. “Jay has created an atmosphere where success breeds success; he provides lead-generation systems, amazing ideas on marketing, mentorship and so much more that I didn’t really have before. I can’t see myself anywhere else.”

Houze isn’t alone.

Two agents who left the brokerage last fall for a local luxury boutique firm – Private Label Realty – realized their move promised more than it delivered. Lured by claims of more luxury listings and better exposure, the agents quickly found the new company simply couldn’t compete with the brand-name exposure of RE/MAX, Macklin says. Ian Ricci and Tim Halmekangas rejoined RE/MAX Platinum Living on May 1.

Brothers and new agents Patrick Bailey and Ryan Bailey joined the brokerage last September after hitting it off with Macklin. Having a supportive broker who never hesitates to share his playbook of strategies (not to mention one who doesn’t compete for sales) was a huge contributing factor in the team’s switch to RE/MAX, Patrick Bailey says.

“Jay doesn’t hold anything back for himself or certain agents, and he makes all of us feel like he cares about our success more than his own,”  says. “He’s a geek for everything real estate, and his energy is contagious.”

Keeping the leads flowing

RE/MAX Platinum Living stands apart from a vast sea of competitors because of its innovative, high-tech marketing. For starters, Macklin built a proprietary lead-generation system which routes 20 to 30 leads per month to each of his agents. A virtual assistant sets up pre-scrubbed appointments generated from web leads as a way to fill gaps for agents who need extra help, Macklin says.

The system is a great complement to LeadStreet and the leads that come in through, he says. The two lead systems help keep agents busy.

The brokerage also puts out sleek, subtly branded marketing pieces that focus more on value-added messages instead of the office’s name and prestige to help draw in business.

Jay Macklin
Jay Macklin, in his office at RE/MAX Platinum Living, focuses primarily on team expansion and agent development.

“Our marketing pieces include an 800 number and local market reports as a way to provide

free, relevant information while giving consumers a safe way to connect with us,” Macklin says. “Agents need an overflow of business in order to grow their business, but a lot of them just don’t know how to do it.

“There’s a difference between marketing and prospecting, and I encourage agents to focus on direct-response marketing by way of direct mail and social media rather than cold-calling. When you can get buyers and sellers to raise their hands because you’ve made super-compelling offers with targeted calls-to-action, you’ll keep the leads flowing.”

With a steady stream of leads at their fingertips, all Associates need to do is run with them.

Another recent addition to the team is John Gluch, who was Arizona’s No. 2 HomeSmart Realty agent. Gluch says that Macklin’s laser-focus on marketing and coaching sold him on a move to RE/MAX.

“Jay is great at what he does, and I want to learn from someone who’s gotten further than me so I can grow my business,” Gluch says. “To do that, you have to surround yourself with the right people and a supportive broker who gets how to reach today’s buyers. Jay gets it.”

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