How to Turn an Open House Into a Social Video Event

Imagine the impact if you could bring hundreds of busy, qualified buyers to an open house. Well, through the power of social video, you can do just that. With streaming video and social media transforming real estate marketing, agents are increasingly casting themselves as directors, editors and on-camera hosts. Perhaps you should consider it, too.

Go Live this Weekend

Jesse Peters of Winnipeg, Manitoba, is a leading voice on being “Social Savvy.”

Jesse Peters of RE/MAX One Group in Winnipeg, Manitoba, is one of the network’s most visible proponents of doing more with social video, especially live streaming. Peters transforms his open houses into Facebook Live events. The approach works on multiple levels. First, he’s able to showcase the property to a greater number of potential buyers, which his sellers certainly appreciate. Second, he’s providing convenience and important information to those buyers, essentially adding value to the process of house-hunting. Third, he’s able to leverage the event to expand his image and visibility on Facebook. Anyone who encounters the intriguing idea instantly realizes that Peters is a dynamic, aggressive agent using technology and social media innovations in a strategic manner.

During the Facebook Live event, Peters guides the viewers through the homes while they post questions in the comments section. He’s able to answer the questions right there, in something akin to a live call-in show. The live stream is automatically recorded and retained, so it becomes a virtual open house – but an especially insightful one – available as long as it needs to be.

“This approach makes the process very convenient for buyers,” says Peters, a relatively new agent (licensed in 2012) who has earned his way into the RE/MAX Platinum Club for three straight years. “They can interact with me in real time, and get all the information they need.”

After the event, Peters reviews the video to see if he missed anything that he should cover in a follow-up. And then, armed with the contact information of anyone who participated, he reaches out to thank them and see if they have any more questions.

Beyond the Open House

Putting an open house on live social video represents an excellent way to connect with people you may not have met yet. The approach enables you to display your personality as much as the house.

“Video is king,” Peters says. “Studies have shown a 403 percent increase in interest when your house has a video attached to it and not just a slide show.” Bus benches and billboards can’t stand on their own in a tech-savvy world, he says.


“Share, share, share,” is Peters’ mantra in the social space. He posts videos on a variety of social media platforms, usually tagging people and encouraging them to share. He also records homeowners talking about why the house they’re selling has been so special to them. “Every home has a story to tell,” Peters says. “We should give homeowners a chance to share their story.”

Social video clips offer a more personal narrative than traditional means of communication and advertising, Peters says. In fact, the entire home buying and selling process – a mix of details, personality, emotion and memorable moments – lends itself to video. Turning that mix into socially savvy content is getting easier and more popular every day. It starts with a strategy and a clear understanding of what’s possible with today’s tools.

Are you ready to dive in and turn the ordinary into something much more compelling?



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