His Presentations Put People to Sleep

You are getting very sleepy…

Forget everything you think you know about hypnosis. Forget the swinging pendulums, entranced obedient subjects, and all the hocus pocus.

Hypnotist Tim Miller sweeps all of that away and instead focuses his act on one critical element: laughter.

“Our show is about having fun,” says Miller, a Sales Associate who leads the Tim Miller Team at RE/MAX Services in Blue Bell, Pa. “It’s about not taking yourself too seriously, and about giving yourself permission to laugh.”

During his show, “stagehypnosislive.com,” Miller has performed for as many as 2,000 people in a week. The production was recently named “Best of 2015” by a national entertainment website.

Tim Miller
Tim Miller

Mentalist Mentality

For Miller, Hypnosis isn’t magic: It’s the process of engaging the subconscious. A person has to be willing to accept hypnosis; no one can be hypnotized if they don’t want to be. And – most importantly for his audience volunteers – a person won’t do anything under hypnosis that goes against their morals.

Volunteers at Miller’s shows cut loose, act silly and dance like Elvis.

“It’s basically giving your conscious mind a little vacation,” Miller explains. “And allowing your subconscious mind to become more open to suggestion.”

Before discovering his passion for hypnotism, Miller stepped away from a 20-year career coaching Division 1 college football and got into real estate. It was 2008, and the market was about to hit hard times.

“It was the worst time to get into real estate, but for me, it was the best time,” he says. “I came in with my coach’s mentality of ‘grind it out.’”

The approach worked, and Miller became a successful pro. Now, his real estate success affords him the resources and flexibility to pursue his stage act as well.

“My hypnosis show has blown up, but I’m never leaving real estate,” Miller says. “I have a great team supporting me in the office. I’ve always surrounded myself with smart people.”

Miller is often on his laptop at 5:30 a.m., running his real estate business. He performs later in the day. Although the two activities aren’t directly related, he has secured real estate clients through the hypnosis act.

New client Kirsten Palacios, for instance, saw Miller’s stage show at a company team-building event and called him a few weeks later for help on an investment property. “I was skeptical about hypnotism before the show, but I was blown away,” Palacios says. “Tim even hypnotized one of the male team members into thinking he was in labor.”

It was Miller’s professionalism and demeanor, though, that prompted her phone call.

“Tim’s a professional all around,” Palacios says. “If you knew him only as your Realtor, you’d never think he was a hypnotist too.”

Overnight Sensation

So how does a successful college football coach and real estate agent become an accomplished stage hypnotist anyway – and why?

After raising three children, Miller and his wife, Michelle, decided to celebrate being empty nesters and enjoy some time together on a cruise. They attended a hypnotist’s show during that trip, and the experience captured Miller’s attention.

“I came home and researched everything I could about hypnosis,” he says. “I get a bit obsessed with everything I do – football, real estate and now hypnosis.”

Within a few months, Miller had trained himself and put on his first show, for 100 people at his house.

“Hypnosis has improved my life in every way,” Miller says. “I have a successful career, but I’ve also seen failure. Hypnosis allows me to manage the stress.”

In some respects, coaching, hypnotism and real estate are all related.

“They all involve reading people,” Miller says. “I’ve always enjoyed being around people, and I’ve become pretty good at knowing what they’re feeling. In real estate, that skill helps me serve them. In my act, it helps me hypnotize them.”



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